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After becoming a member of esteemed Paypal, you got PayPal Master Card. This card will obviously become a gadget for your shopping, money transfers and online purchases. But if you want the perks of PayPal Master Credit Card you have to activate the card as soon as possible.

As you are a new member of PayPal, so you must not be familiar with how to activate your new Master Card but no need to be worried. We will assist you in activating your card so you can use our services immediately.

Two Ways to Activate PayPal Master Card

There are two ways to activate your PayPal Master credit card:

  • Online Access.
  • Phone Call.

Activate PayPal Credit Card through the Offical website  

You can activate your Paypal Master Credit Card by using your smartphone, tablet or laptop with good internet connection in a few minutes if you follow the steps enlisted below:

paypal master card
  • Open a browser and type
  • Enter your username and password for logging in your account.
  • Click on the icon named as Profile, right after the log out button.
  • On the next page click on the icon named as my money and after that click on update.
  • Your PayPal Credit Cards will appear on the screen.
  • Select your Master Credit Card and click the icon Activate Now.
  • Enter all the required information and click on the Activate Debit Card.
  • Your Credit Card will be activated immediately.
  • Activate PayPal Credit Card Through Phone:

You can easily activate your Credit card if you have access to a mobile phone with call credits or landline. All you have to do is just dial this contact number 1-800-314-8298

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List of Other Credit Card Features

List of Other Debit Card Features

PayPal Holdings Inc. is a United States base company operating across the world. It has its own online payments system and supports online money transfers.

It was established in1998. This unique way of money transaction is the core value of this firm.  User can use, save and transfer their money without any paper work required.

Paypal Cashback Mastercard Review

Paypal Master Card is a credit card issued by Paypal. This can be used to make purchases in the US and Canada but cannot be used outside of these countries. The card has a Visa logo on it but is not a Visa card like the ones you see in stores.

The best thing about Paypal Master Card is that it allows you to earn cashback on every purchase you make.

There are two ways to earn cashback with this credit card:

1) You can earn 5% back when you use your card to pay for eligible purchases; or

2) You can get 1% cashback for each purchase if you have an active account with Paypal and have made at least one purchase in the last 12 months (this does not apply if you’ve closed your account).

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 PayPal Cashback Upgrade

PayPal Credit Card users can get a credit line increase of up to $500 each month. The higher the credit line, the more you can put towards your balance.

The cashback upgrade is available as either a one-time payment or ongoing monthly charge. You can get multiple upgrades at once or every month for a year.

The Cash Back Upgrade is only available for PayPal Credit Card customers who are approved for the product by our sales team. The upgrade is subject to approval from PayPal and may be subject to additional terms and fees.

Contact PayPal’s customer service team to learn more about how it works, how much it costs, and what happens if you don’t get approved.

Perks of using PayPal Credit Card 

 PayPal is ranked at 222nd on the 2018 Fortune 500 of the United States corporations by the revenue due to the number of customers it has in the whole world. All these People have trusted PayPal services for the following reasons:

Security for buyers:

PayPal keeps your transactions secure. It is their main aim to keep your all personal information only to themselves.

Securing financial information:

PayPal promises to secure its customer’s financial information by not sharing it with the sellers.

Monitoring of transactions:

PayPal ensures its customer that all transactions are monitored 24/7.

Prevention from Fraud:

Customers can prevent themselves from fraudulent charges against them by contacting us if they felt anything suspicious during their transactions or online shopping from E-store.

Dispute Resolution:

If the buyer didn’t get the product he had been promised, the buyer can claim to get his money back he paid for the product. If there is any problem with a transaction, PayPal holds the funds until the dispute is resolved. PayPal resolution center is operational for 180 days of purchase. It acts as the third party in resolving a problem between buyer and seller.


PayPal company deal with 25 different currencies in over 200 markets of the world for buying and selling of products and services. Most of banks and card almost take about 2 days for the international transaction while PayPal facilitates its customers with immediate shipments around the globe.

PayPal Customer Service

 If everything goes as regular as clockwork, you should be able to use your PayPal Master Credit card immediately as much as you want. Feel free to ask any questions you have regarding the PayPal Master credit card in the comment section, we will answer them as soon as we receive.

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This article can also assist your friends and family who need to learn how to activate their PayPal Master card. You can also contact the following number 1800-419-9833 in case you have any queries regarding the activation of PayPal Master credit card.

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