Best Credit Cards For You in 2022

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best credit card 2020

There are many credit cards that you can use but the best credit card is the one, which fulfills all your requirements. A good credit card helps people with a bad credit score.

It provides monthly earning rewards as well and gives different discount offers as well. Always go for a credit card, which is safe, secure, and affordable to you.

Each credit card is different from one another. Every credit card has its own qualities and drawbacks but you must choose the one, which matches your needs, helps to improve your credit score and reasonable.

Some credit cards are quite expensive so, not everyone can afford to have costly credit cards. Therefore, they can select the cheaper one. As there is a list of credit cards that are not only affordable but also provides the best quality services.

We’re highlighting one of the best credit cards of 2020, which you can utilize.

Discover it Secured Credit Card

discover secured credit card

This is one of the best credit cards of 2020 that provides you 1% money back on all the items you purchase. It has no annual charges as well. Moreover, you may get different discount offers on the gas stations and hotels if you are a valid user of Discover it Secured credit card. This credit card also helps to recreate your credit score with the major credit card agencies.

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Petal Visa Credit Card

petal visa credit card

Petal Visa Credit Card has different reward plans for its valuable customers. This credit card gives you an instant offer of a 1% money-back right after you register yourself for this card. If you regularly pay your dues of the first 6 months then you can get a 1.25% money-back offer. After completing 12 months, you may get an amazing offer of 1.5% money-back.

This credit card has not any annual fee and foreign transactions and the registration fee is also free. Further, if you have a credit limit of 500$ to 10,000$ then you can get a money-back offer of 1.5%.

Discover it Student Cash Back

discover student cash back

If you are a university student and your GPA is up to 3.0 then this credit card will give you a 20% discount offer. This credit card gives a 5% money back on any purchases and gas stations well.

This credit card comes with no annual fee and offers a variety of discount offers as well. This is U.S based credit card and its services are all the time available for its valued customers. The interesting thing about this credit card that, its money back offers never get expired.

American Express Gold Card

American Express Gold Card

The American Express Gold Credit Card has a lot of features to entertain its customers. This credit card offers amazing discount offers at all the shopping centers, restraints, gas stations and utility stores in the United States. Furthermore, if you are flying somewhere so you can also get 3x membership reward points as well. If you pay with American Express Gold Card, you can get 10$ cash per month if you dine at the places in the United States.

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Blue Cash Preferred Card

Blue Cash Preferred Card

If you want the best discount offers for grocery then this is the best credit card you may have. If you are living in the United States and make purchases at U.S utility stores then you can get up to a 6% money back offer on all purchases. This money back can be redeemed as dollars as well.

Furthermore, the Blue Cash Preferred Card provides different cash offers. Such as, you can get up to 3% money back on the gas stations and 6% on the streaming subscriptions of the United States. It has a 0% annual percentage rate in the starting year and after that, it will be increased by up to 14.40% to 25.49%.

Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card

Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card

Once you have registered for this credit card and spend up to 3000$ in the first three months, you can get a bonus of 300$. Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card provides a 2% money-back if you shop at the utility stores. If you dine at any restaurant in the United States so, you can get an amazing discount of 4%. Likewise, it has a 0$ annual percentage rate in the first year and after a year it will be upgraded to 95$.

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You can choose any of the above credit cards but make sure that whichever credit card you choose to pick up, it carries out all your expectations and fulfill your conditions. Also, the credit card which makes your credit history better is the best credit card for you.

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