How to Apply Surge Credit Card/Surge Master Card-Reviews 2019

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Surge Master Card/Surge Credit card can be used by the people having good, low, bad and limited credits and it reports the credit monthly history to their three main credit bureaus. Surge Mastercard is the financial product and issued from Celtic Bank can be availed online on

You are eligible to apply for this card even your low credit history but be careful the monthly charges and high interest rate and minimum card benefits. Surge card invites the people of all credit types.

Gaining from

www.surge master card
  • Bad credit holders can build or rebuild their credits.
  • holders can build or rebuild their credits.
  • It gives an unsecured, partially secured and fully secured version to their customers.
  • For the unsecured, partially secured and fully secured versions, may be qualified applicants are eligible.
  • It gives the flexibility to the customers as its initial credit limit ranges from $50 to $500.
  • You can use the surge card everywhere where these cards are accepted. 

Apply for surge credit card registration

To see your credit card score or balance, login to the online portal but before log in you should apply for surge master or credit card.

Criteria of Applicant

  • Above 18 year applicants are allowed only.
  • Only USA residents are eligible to apply.
  • Applicant must have valid SSN.
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Method of Registration

  • To apply, go to the online website
  • On the main page, you will ask for some information like name, surname, SPN, zip code, email address, and phone number etc.
  • Then follow the instruction and agree with the terms and conditions of your credit card.
  • Now, press the “Continue Application”.

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How to Activate My Surge Credit Card 

You will receive a confirmation email in your email inbox. Click on the confirmation mail but be careful with this mail. Then go to your account. Then it will activate automatically within a few days after receiving confirmation mail.

How to Register for Surge Mastercard Login

  • Go to the online portal
  • Follow the login process
  • Fill each blank space with your account.
  • Click on the “send” option for your new card account.
  • If you forget your password, you can go on the “forget password” option or you can re-register your account with the help of a bank card number.
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Checking the Status of Surge Credit Card

You can check your credit card status by calling on the 866-449-4514.No online tool is available to check the surge master card status.

Surge Credit Card Payment

Surge card can be used to purchase the things. You can do online shopping, shopping from marts, and outlets etc.

There are three methods of purchasing by surge credit card.

  • Purchase through phone
  • Online purchasing
  • Purchase through mail

Online purchasing

Online payment is the best, fastest and easy way of your monthly payment. You can pay your bills through this card. Make sure that the payment department gives you all important information likea bank checking account and bank routing number after registering all on the card. Pay the bills through your bank card number. You can install an Automobile Purchase. You can purchase anything through this app. The benefit of this app is that it will deduct your bill automatically from your favorite account.

Purchase through mail

You can pay via mail by sending your yearly surge bank card payment to another address. Its benefit is that you can pay your yearly bill easily.

Purchase through phone

You can make payment within telephone through surge card phone number 1-800-518-6142. You can call 24/7 to customer card representatives for any inquiry or complaints.

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Continental Finance

Continental Finance is the top entrepreneur in America. It gives the services of bank cards for those consumers who are suffering from bad or low credit score. This company offers something to those consumers who have got the bad or low credit and it is ideal for consumer’s personality. It offers a credit card for the people.

The consumer card is issued after seeing his/her credit history. This credit history determines whether this person is approved or denied for an account. When a consumer will approve for a card, he/she will be able to utilize this card. He/she can use his favorite options that are mentioned on the card according to his needs. A cardholder can purchase his bill with any one of the four options; on the device, via email, on the device or with the cable transfer. He/she can cover his minimum credit

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