Scheels Credit Card – Rates, Features, Login, Restrictions & Payment Process

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Scheels Credit Card will be beneficial for you if you are Scheels Shopper as it will offer numerous advantages to its customers. If you make a purchase at Scheels store, then you will get 3 points on each purchase along with it you will be rewarded 1 more point if you purchase any item from any other store.

Scheels Credit Card

When you will earn 2500 points then you will be rewarded with gift card of $25. Points will be monitored by the system automatically. They are also providing you the opportunity to customize your card in the sense that you can choose the design of card at your own choice. You can monitor the monthly statement of the card by accessing the online account.

First Guard Zero Liability is the biggest benefit which is provided by Scheels visa credit card. It will save you from any fraud and illegal use of your card. It will also secure you from payment of the items which have not been received by you. If you have minimum credit score, then by using this card you can raise up the score.

scheels credit card

Rate and Fees

There are some charges associated with this card

  • There is no annual fee
  • Rate of purchase APR is 20.88% which is variable
  • The credit score range must lie between 620/850
  • In start, there is 0% APR will be charged for first 6 months in you make a purchase of $500 or more than that

Features Associated With Scheels Card

  • There are multiple benefits provided by Scheels Credit Card provided to its customers.
  • If you have made purchase of $1 at any Scheels store, then you will earn 3 points
  • If you make purchasing from any other store, then you will get 1 point
  • When you earn 1 point then it will get $0.01 closer to gift card
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Scheels Card


  • You can download the google app for Scheels Card and access your account online to manage it
  • Card issued by First National Bank of Omaha, is known for its excellent customer service
  • If your card management is good, then it will really help you to build up your credit application process is easy, and you will get response in time
  • You will be rewarded with gift card worth $25


  • There is lack of service if your card has not been used properly or facing any issue regarding fraudulent in the earlier 90 days
  • There is bonus offered i.e. 1500 points when you signup but it is too less
  • Rate of interest is very high which 18.99% is
  • Rewards offered by Scheels Card are very low

List of Other Credit Card Features

List of Other Debit Card Features

Restrictions to Use This Credit Card

  • This card is useless for fisherman, hunters and sport passionate
  • If you would like to buy expensive items like guns, tents, boats and exercise machines then this card is not suitable for you as it is used for small purchases
  • It has high interest rate, so it will ask you to pay more for the item which is not costly. So, there is better option to purchase the items using cash amount or with other credit cards which have low interest rates.
  • Unsecured card has the same benefits as Scheels Cards, but you must pay $35 as annual fee for this card. But if you choose the secured version of card then you must pay the security deposit in between $550-$5000 along with increment of $50. By use of secured card you can build up your credit rating.
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How to Login Scheels Credit Card Account

scheels credit card
  1. After the processing of application, you will get your credit card. When you receive the card create the online account to access it. You can check your balance and make transactions at your own comfort by login to your account. Please follow the quick steps to login the account.
  2. Firstly, create the online account by visiting the link
  3. After creating it, go to the login button to access the account. It will ask to enter the required information
  4. You must put your user id in the given space the press the login button.
  5. On the next page, it will ask to enter the password and then click on the submit button.
  6. By following the procedure given above, you will become able to access and manage your account easily

How to pay through Scheels Card

When you are done with all your purchases now its time to make payment for Scheels Credit Card. The time period is 23 days. If you are using the card for first time and do not know how to make payment, then see the procedure stated below.

First Bank Card is facilitating its customers in multiple ways to make the payment for the card. The super cool and easiest method is to make the payment online.

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You can simply login to your account and pay the payment for the Scheels Card. Secondly, you can pay via calling the representative customer at 1-888-295-5540. Make sure the payment will be done before 5 pm only on working days. You can also make payment by using postal address as given below

Bankcard Payment Processing

1620 Dodge Street

Omaha, NE 68197-2210

First Bank Card is facilitating its customers with an automatic payment feature.

How to apply for Scheels Credit Card

If you are interested in using Scheels Credit Card, then you can apply for it by using the online application. Before applying for card, you should know about the eligibility criteria. You can apply for the card by following these steps

  • You can visit the link to apply for the card
  • From the menu option, select the Scheels Visa Option and click on it
  • You will get all the relevant information regarding the card on this page. If you are agree with its terms and conditions then click on the Apply Now button
  • If you are already registered user, then you can apply for Scheels Visa Credit Card. Simply login to proceed the application.
  • Please enter the relevant information in the application form
  • Select the product which may best suits you
  • Confirm your email address
  • If you are agreed with its terms and conditions, then check the box and click on the continue button
  • You have submitted the application for Scheels Card, soon you will receive the answer regarding application.

Mobile Applications

Android Users

Android users can visit the link to download the application

IOS Users

IOS users can use the link to download the mobile application

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