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Do you maintain a good credit score? If yes then what are you waiting for?  Apply for your very own capital one credit card offer at

The application procedure does not take more than 15 minutes and if you are lucky, your card will arrive at your door steps in just a week or so.

Have you just received a Capital One offer letter? You did right?

Waste no time and visit Capital one offers a wide range of credit cards that specialize in different areas of customer interest.

You can search them a choose the one that best suits your requirements and stay with us till this article ends so that we can answer all your queries regarding – Salient Features of Capital One Cards:

  1. GetMyOffer is best for individuals who have a good credit score. They can avail this offer by visiting
  2. Individuals who maintain a low credit score and are struggling with building up their credit may want to look for some other offer.
  3. $25 is the minimum payment that can be made with capital one card.
  4. On late payments, you have to pay 1% of the total payment
  5. Prime rates can change variably. Make Sure you check your APR before applying.
Am I Eligible?
You are eligible to apply for capital one credit card only if you are 18 years of age or older and you are a legal resident of United States.

3 Different Ways to Apply for Capital One Credit Card

There are 3 different methods through which you can apply for capital one credit card. The online method is preferred over all other application methods because it is most reliable and effective. Lastly if you want list of best credit cards of 2020 here it is.

You can access it through Read below and decide for yourself, which method is most suitable for you:

1. Have you received an Offer Letter in Mail?

You should use this method only and only if you are pre-qualified and have received  an offer letter because otherwise you would not be able to pursue this method because your letter contains information that needs to be entered in the online application form:
  • Visit the official website of capital one at
  • Home page of will appear
  • Enter your 16 digit reservation code
  • Enter your 6 digit access code
  • Click at the “get started “ button given at the bottom
The 16 digit reservation number and 6 digit code are provided on your offer letter that you have just received.  In case you haven’t received any offer letter then keep reading and you would know how to apply in that case.

2. Haven’t Received Mail?

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In case you have not received any offer letter in mail, this method is most suitable for you to opt.

  • Visit the official website at
  • Click at the link “see if you are pre-qualified
GetMyOffer Capital One
  • Submit required credentials for example full name, address, social security number etc.
GetMyOffer Capital One
  • Read terms and conditions carefully
  • Submit your credentials

3. Apply via Phone

In case you have no access to internet due to some reason then you can apply for capital one card by calling The first thing that would be suggested to you when you would call will be to apply online at

This is because online procedure is more efficient and systematic. If you are under 21 years of age, you might not be able to apply via a phone call due to some obligations, otherwise you can apply. Dial 1-866-927-5833 to apply via phone.

It’s always better to apply online because phone call application can take up to 15 min while online application hardly takes 60 seconds to process. The choice is yours!

Possible Responses You Will Get After Application:

After you have applied for your capital one credit card, you can get any of these 3 types of responses. 

Application Approved:

If your application is approved. Congrats! You will be receiving your credit card in 7- 10 working days

Application Denied:

If your application has been denied, better luck next time. The reason for denial may not very clear always but one reason could be that you might not be eligible for it or your credit history may not be very impressive.

Decision Pending:

If you receive this, you need to wait till a final decision arrives. There are chances that your application may or may

Major Capital One Credit Cards:

Apart from the GetMyOffer, you can also choose from a wide range of capital one credit cards. Each one of these cards specializes in a certain domain. You can ponder upon the features of each card and decide for yourself which one is best for you.

getmyoffer capital one credit cards
  • Capital One Venture Credit Card is considered one of the best travel partner. Venture enable you to earn  2X miles per dollar on your regular purchases
  • Capital One Journey Student Card is considered best for students who are interested in getting cash back rewards.
  • Capital One Savor Credit Card is preferred by those who want to win cash back on entertainment, dining and movies. After the initial 3 months, you can win up to $500 on spending $3000 on purchases.
  • Capital One MasterCard is suitable for individuals with low credit score.
  • Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card is preferred by those who are interested in cash rewards. You can earn about 1.5% cash back rewards on regular purchases.
  • Capital One Spark Cash Credit Card is best for small startups and businesses.
  • Spark Miles Rewards lets you enjoy 2X miles along with more than 50,000 bonus miles. This offer is also suitable for small business and startups.
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What People Say about Capital One Credit Cards?

Credit Karma Credit Karma
Creditkarma ranked quicksilver capital one credit card as “One of the best”. Capital one’s Venture card is considered ideal for travelling purposes while platinum capital one is preferred by those who have low credit score.

Nerd Wallet Nerd Wallet
Nerdwallet gave 4.1 stars out of 5 stars to the capital one cards. The venture capital one credit card is considered as the “stress free traveler”

Value Penguin Value Penguin
Value penguin also rated capital one credit cards as “outstanding”. They ranked capital one Venture card as one of the best card out of all other capital one cards.

About is a website that lets you avail the capital one card offer. You can visit the site o apply for capital one cards. Capital one is affiliated with FDIC. GetMyOffer is best for individuals with high credit score. The individuals with low credit score may want to try some other capital one credit cards which will help them build up their credit.

Get My Capital One credit card offer is considered one of the best offer being provided to their valued customers. The offers benefits customers with numerous cash back rewards which they can utilize to buy goodies. Capital one also offers various credit cards that are specially designed to benefit clients in certain areas such as travelling, entertainment, academics etc.

Range of credit score

  • If Credit score is between 300 to 579 it is Very Poor
  • Credit score is between 580 to 669 it is Fair
  • If Credit score isbetween 670 to 740 it is Good
  • Credit score is between 740 to 799 it is Very Good
  • If Credit score is between 800 to 850 it is Great

Contact Capital One

If you still have any queries that are left unanswered then contact capital one on the contact information provided below:

Visit them on twitter at

Check them on Facebook at

Visit them on integral at

Check their YouTube channel at

Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Capital One Credit Cards:

These are FAQ’S for Capital One Credit Cards.

  • What credentials are required while applying for capital one credit card?

The credentials that are required include your Full name, date of birth, Social Security Number, estimated annual income, your authentic address and information regarding your savings and checking account.

If you are applying after receiving your offer letter in mail then you would need your 16 digit reservation number as well as 6 digit code.

  • How many days does my credit card will take to deliver?

After your application has been accepted, your card will hardly take 7-10 working days to deliver. However the deliveries can sometimes take longer due to Christmas holidays or some catastrophe.

If you have applied for secured MasterCard then you will only be able to receive your card within 7 – 10 working days if you have submitted full payment in advance.

  • Can we add an authorized user?

You can definitely add an authorized user to your account but there are certain conditions. Firstly you yourself need to be a cardholder, secondly you must have power of attorney and own a small business account.

If you meet these conditions then you can add an authorized user either by dialing the phone number given at the back of your card OR by visiting the official web-page at

  • At which places can I use capital one credit card?

Your capital one visa and MasterCard can be used at 74 million outlets situated all over the world. These cards can also be used to withdraw cash from ATMs, but a small service charges are charged

  • What is the maximum limit of cash withdrawal?

The cash withdrawal limit varies from outlet to outlet but usually the limit is around $1000 per day.

  • What credit score would enable me to get capital one credit card?

Your FICO score should be at least 580. the capital one score is specifically designed for individuals with good or average credit score.5 year loan defaulters as well as individuals with 3 years of credit history can apply for capital one.

  • What is the credit limit of capital one credit card?

The credit limit of capital one cards vary depending on their type. The average credit limit of quicksilver credit card is $2000, but with cash back rewards it can exceed up to $5000 as well.

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