How to Get Pre-Approval Code of Credit Card for Activation

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Credit One is a Financial Services company originating from Las Vegas, Nevada. They are one of the only financial services that provide Credit Cards even to those with a low credit score in order to help them build up their credit score.

You can apply to a pre-approval offer at any time at and avail free monthly credit score tracking as well as cash back rewards not available elsewhere. – Applying for Accept.CreditOneBank Credit Card

If you are determined to apply for the Credit One Bank Card, you can receive the Credit One Credit Card pre approval offer at Those interested need to obtain a credit card pre-approved offer from Credit One. The offer can be availed with an exclusive pre-approved code which is essential to initiate the process.

Pre Approval CreditOneBank

Getting this Credit One Pre-Approved offer will boost your probability of being approved for the new card prior to submission of application. This, however, does not assure your application’s acceptation and various other conditions must also be met.

How to Apply                                                                         

Follow these steps after receiving Pre-Approved Credit One Offer and the Approval Code from Credit One:

  • Visit
  • Enter your Approval Code which you have received from the Credit One Pre-Approved Offer.
  • Type your Social Security Number.
  • Press ‘Continue’ to begin.
  • Observe the instructions, deliver the desired details and complete the pre-approval procedure.
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Your application submission process is now complete. Check your status any time with a click using the link provided in the page.

 Acquiring Credit One Offer

If you have not obtained any Credit One credit card offer yet, click the link given below on the aforementioned pre-approval page to avail a pre-qualify offer. To proceed with the offer, fill the form below:

  • First NameMiddle Initial (not compulsory)Last NameMailing AddressApt/UnitCityProvinceZip CodeIf your mailing address and home street address are the same then mention itEmail AddressContact NumberSocial Security NumberBirth DateTotal Monthly earnings

Now just click the “See Card Offers” to see the offers.

Why would you use Credit One Bank Card?

Credit One Bank Cardholders will be rewarded offers and different favors such as:

  • 1% cash back rewards on appropriate purchases. These rewards will be credited to their account.
  • Gives monthly Experian Credit Score online access to the operators.
  • Automatic account review plus credit line increase opportunity.
  • Once you become the cardholder your liability for any loss ends.
  • Select your desired and customized Account notification to stay updated.

Conditions for Credit One Bank Card

  • Only a US resident with age 18 or above is eligible to apply for Credit One Bank Card.
  • No needs to worry about great credits as the Credit One Bank Cards are designed for customers with low credit.
  • Pre-qualify process will make no difference to your credit score.
  • Customers can apply for a Credit One Increase line of credit, after 60 days from approval.
  • Various types of card fronts- Tiger, Beach, US Flag, Cheetah print to choose.
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Why would you not use Credit One Bank Card?

Credit One only has credit cards for those with low credit and not for those with any other credit score on the spectrum. Credit One provides credit card with less credit than normal. This limit may be bypassed by staying a loyal customer and paying an additional fee.

Credit One does not provide any leeway with purchases and begins charging interest the moment a purchase is made. This is particularly problematic since transactions take 4 days to complete and accumulate interest during that time. Again this 4-day period can be skipped with $9.95 fee. Credit One is notorious for tacking on more and more fees.

The aforementioned interest rate is generally between 25% and just below 20%. Add to that the additional fee that can be anywhere between $0 and $99, and varies from year to year. Credit One has a laughable reward system. It offers unlimited 1% cash back on some household items such as groceries or fuel. However, the rewards will barely cover the interest and the annual fee you pay, making them pointless.

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