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firstsavinsgcc is giving a huge platform to the applicants in the market of subprime credit card, which facilitates its customers with easy to use offers. You can read the terms and conditions by visiting its official website and become able to apply for card easily.

If your credit card history is poor, then you may apply for the First Savings Credit Card. This card is known as firstsavingscc. This card is used for its subprime applicants. Customers can build up their credit card history by using this card, as it is providing platform for its new applicants who are not eligible to apply for Discover and Chase due to their low credit card history.

There are multiple options which provide you different offers having bad credit and average credit before applying for First Saving Credit Card.

Requirements for Firstsavingscc Application Process

  • There are certain requirements you must fulfill before applying for the card.
  • The applicant’s age should be 18 years or above
  • Candidate must have account statement which is easy to perceive
  • SSN is mandatory
  • Applicant should be legal resident of USA

Firstsavingscc Interest Rates

  • The annual percentage rate (APR) for purchases is 29.9%.
  • APR rate for Cash advances is 29.9%
  • Minimum interest charge has been omitted

How to login Savings Credit Card?

If you are a customer of first saving credit card and would like to access your account online to manage your card activities the follow the process as stated below

  • Firstly, go to the link
  • After opening the link, you will be at home page
  • On the left of page there will be button “Account Login”
  • By pressing the button, you will see login page and welcome note “Welcome to the Card member services” will appear
  • You can enter the credential like your username and password
  • After entering the name and password press the sing in button to get access to your account
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List of Other Credit Card Features

List of Other Debit Card Features

Ways to Dispose of Interest Fee on Transactions

If you will do your payments on the given time, then you will not be charged any interest fee while making transactions. The due date for making payment of bill is 25 days started after the day you will make the previous bill payment.

Initial Setup and Maintenance Fees:

  • Annual fee charged for credit card is $75
  • If you would like to become authorized user, you must pay $20 per year.
  • In both cases if you are making payment after due date or returning the payment, then you will have to pay $25 as penalty.
  • For cash in advance the transaction fees will be charged as $2

How to Get Guidance for Credit Card through Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?

If you interested to get information regarding credit card before starting the process of application, you must visit the official site of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau following the link given as

How to Calculate the Available Balance?

In order to calculate the balance, the method of ending balance has been used. By using this method we come to know the exact amount of interest charge by implementing the periodic rate on the amount which you have after paying your payment on the due date which include the cash advances, other fees and purchases made from your account and deduct the payments which have been made throughout the billing cycle.

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Advantages of Firstsavingscc

There are numerous benefits offered by the FirstSavingCC which are as follows:

  • There is no hidden fee
  • You can make purchase on your own comfort
  • There is no Penalty reg APR
  • To access Online account is secure
  • If you have lost your card by mistake or it has been stolen, then you can get it back by Fraud Coverage.

Reviews and Complaints about First Savings Credit Card

  • People using the First Saving Card have placed some complaints and reviews which have been collected from many sources and forums.
  • If you have low amount of balance then you do not need to apply for this card, you can ask for help from your friends and relatives. It might be embarrassing but despite of that borrow it. Saving card will not provide you any help regarding build up your credit. I am happy that I am done with all payments and today I am closing it.
  • I am not satisfied with your services and in need to contact you instantly. I have not received the card, but they have charged for it in advance. In addition, their help line is not connecting.
  • When I was not using this card my account balance was perfect. They have charged me a late payment fee at the due date. It is wrong way. I am going to close my account, and I recommend that you should not use this card.
  • I am having no issue till date. The customer service is better. I am using this card for 1 year and always receive the profit in my credit. By making payments on time I do not have charged any interest fee.
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Forgot the Username and Password

In situation you have forgotten your username or password and would like to recover it then you can follow the quick steps:

  • You must visit the official website page to get access to login page.
  • Now you can see at the end of the page & click on “Forgot your username or password”
  • To proceed the process, click on the continue button on next page
  • You must verify your account by providing the account number, security code, SSN and expiration date
  • After entering the information, click on the continue button to end the process

Procedure to Apply for Credit Card

Undoubtedly, the first saving amount is not enough for customer to apply for the saving card. The reason behind that bank prefer the individuals who have the valid access code and reservation number. If you have both credentials, then you are eligible to apply for card by using the link provided at website.

Rates of Approval

There were 12 people who have submitted their status to us after they have made the application. They give us the information regarding qualification, rates offered to them, credit score and household income etc. 90% of them were approved.

Time of Approval

The approval time is not mentioned. You will receive the credit decision in couple of weeks.

Applying via Customer Care Agent

If you have online access, then you can use the other methods like using customer care number. You can directly call to customer representative by dialing the number 888-469-0291. You can ask the representative for application form and it can be filled by providing relevant information. After the process you will receive the card at your postal address.

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