Younkers Credit Card – Benefits, Login, Reviews, Rates & Payment Process

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Younkers Credit Card is usually issued by the Departmental store of Younkers. You can collect it from Younker’s in-store. This card is free of cost and is beneficial in making purchases in stores associated with Younkers.

younkers credit card

Younkers Credit Card – Review

Comenity Bank aid in managing your account online. The credit score should be above average in order to apply for the card. Customers of Younkers credit card should manage their online account by visiting the official website of Comenity Bank.

You can pay your bills by log in to your account online, you can also check your reward points and avail yourself of the customer support service and many other benefits.

Some benefits offered – Younkers Credit Card

  • The APR Charges are 25.74
  • There is no annual fee
  • If you make the payment after the due date, then there will be a penalty fee which is $38
  • The interest rate is $2.00

Reviews and complaints about Younker’s Credit Card

Reviews and complaints from the customers are mentioned below:

During my vacations, I was interested to use my store card. When I tried to make the payment of bill generated for purchases of some items, I came to know that my card was deactivated from Jan 17.

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If I would like to continue my account, I should have to submit the report. I did not make any payment after the due date. From Feb 2017 onwards, I have zero balance in my account. Due to no balance, the bank was not able to generate interest from me so they did not allow me to do purchasing.

I think I should call customer service to get help from them and there was a lady on call, and I told her my problem, but she has not found any solution to my problem by simply saying that she can terminate my account. She said “thanks to shop with Bon-Ton” but I never made any purchase with Bon-Ton. I have completely wasted my time with this company.

Younker’s Credit Card is a scam as I have made 4 transactions by using this card online dated 31/01/2018. I have used the customer support center and told them about the fraudulent charge. They simply denied shipping my order to a different place from me and I have lost my money and other funds.

List of Other Credit Card Features

List of Other Debit Card Features

How to pay by using Younker’s Credit Card

If you have Younker’s Credit Card and want to make the bill payment online then you can use these three methods.

  1. Online method
  2. Postal address
  3. By using a phone call

Online method

You can make the payment of your bills by simply login to your account by visiting the link

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Postal address

If you do not have an online account, then you can send the payment to the postal address i.e.

Younkers Credit Card, P.O.Box 659813, San Antonio, TX 78265-9113

Making a payment over the phone

If you would like to make payment by using a phone call, then you can simply call at customer service number i.e. 855-567-7745.

How to login Younkers Credit Card Account

If you would like to access the account for managing the activities of Credit Card you can simply follow the steps given below

  • Simply visit the link of Comenity Bank to access your account online
  • On the login page please enter your username and password.
  • After providing the information click on the Sign In button, which will direct you to the card home page.

How to Retrieve the Username and Password

If you have forgotten the username and password then you can recover them by using the steps given below:

  • Go to the official website of Comenity Bank to login into your account online
  • At the end of the page, you will be found the “Forgot your username and password” option and click on it
  • After that enter the username or credit card number, SSN last 4 digits, zip code. After providing all details click on “Find my Account”.
  • At the next step, please select either you want to retrieve your username or password.
  • Now click on the continue button, the password or username will be received in the email associated with the account.

How to register

If you do not have Younkers credit card account yet and would like to make registration to manage the card easily, you need to make an online account by simply following the quick steps.

  • Visit the official website and go to the register button which is placed next to sign in button
  • In the next step, you can enter the required information regarding credit card like its number,
  • SSN last 4 digits, zip code in the given space
  • Now click on the “Find my account button”
  • In addition, you must provide the email address, mobile phone number, and username and password
  • Now click on the “Create Account” button
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How to recover the card if it has been stolen

If you have lost your card or it has been stolen by mistake, then you can register the complaint of this incidence by simply calling Customer Support number 1-855-567-7745. You will receive a new card at your postal address and discard the previous one.

Customer Care Centre

If you are facing any difficulty in understanding the things related to the card, then you can call the customer care center for help by dialing the number 1-855-567-7745. TDD/TYY is 1-800-695-1788.

Postal Address

You can also send the query to the postal address

Comenity Bank, P.O. Box 182273, Columbus OH, 43218-2273

Social Media Links

You can also follow the social media links if you need any assistance regarding Younkers Credit Card





Mobile App

You can also use the mobile app of Younkers Credit Card younkers/id583065116

The official website is

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