How to Close Google Chrome

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There can be Several Reasons why you need to Close Google Chrome. One of them is when your Specific work is completed or when you are Going to Sleep.

It is one the easiest functions on Google Chrome. Whenever you want to Close Google Chrome, you can do it in few simple steps. Keep in mind that the method to Close One Tab Differs from closing Multiple tabs.

In modern times multitasking feature is Provided by almost all the Browsers. It would be so difficult now a day if there would be no multitasking nowadays.

Because People have a lot of work and really Short Time. If any company disable this feature from their Browser then I ensure you that all the companies will move towards the Company which is Providing this feature. So, it really important now a day.

Method to Close Google Chrome Single Tab

If you want to close the Chrome Browser then the method is below. Firstly, open Chrome Browser. Then Start working in a Single Tab. When your Task is Completed then you have to click on the cross icon which is normally Located at the Top Right Corner of the Screen.

You can also use Short Cut method for closing Google Chrome. Simply Press Windows + Tab for opening task Manager. There you will be able to see all the Tabs that are currently Running on your PC. Lastly, you have to Select the tab you want to close. Then Press end task and these Tabs will be closed.

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Closing Google Chrome Multiple Tabs

The Method is a lot similar to Single Tab. Simply click the cross icon and it will ask you close all tabs. You have to select close all tabs to close them. Means only one steps ahead. Hope this article has helped you.

Close Google Chrome In Safari

  • Right-click it in the dock and choose “Quit”.
  • To close Google Chrome directly in OS X, select “go to home screen” from the Dock and click “Maximize all” (or Maximize, if you prefer that terminology)
  • Then use Command ⌘+W to close Chrome.

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