Why Facing Hotmail Sign in Problems

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If you are facing Hotmail Sign in Problems, then you need to know the accurate issue about login Hotmail account. Hotmail is a free email service offers by Microsoft, which is widely known as Window Live Hotmail.

Occasionally, Hotmail users reporting that not log in their account on Outlook and Hotmail. Most of the time, this problem will be solved very soon. In any case, if you are facing Outlook or Hotmail sign in problem continuously then you should have to get ready to solve all login issues accurately in Windows Live Hotmail.

You might be facing a login issue of your Hotmail account if you move Hotmail to Window Live Outlook. Anyhow if the sign in problem is international then Microsoft mentioned the page below.

Here, Techmoab guides you how many kinds of Hotmail sign in problems will be facing and what you need to do.

Need To check the Internet

If you are trying to sign in Hotmail and do not succeed to open your Hotmail account. You have to check your internet connection is working properly or not.

Because some other websites have no issue with slow internet but Window Live Hotmail does not upload the page un till the internet will be working properly.

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Need To Check Your Computer

If you are facing login problems then check your computer, maybe there is any problem regarding virus in your device. Shut down your computer and start again.

Need  To Check Verification Code

If you are a new user on Hotmail.com and login problems to Window Live Hotmail. You need to request resend Verification Code. For this, you must enter your phone number and should go two step verification for the security of your account.

Need To Check Your Account password

Sometimes you enter your username and password, and by mistake, you enter the wrong spell of your account. Re enters your correct account information and tries to log on your account. If you enter the correct credential and failed to open your Hotmail account then you need to reset your password

Need To Check Hotmail Sign in Problems

Close Account: If you close your account and open it within 60 days then you have all the detail of your account will remain in your Hotmail Account.

Suspicious Activity: If you are using your account for any forbidden or banned activity then Widow Live Hotmail have an authority to close your account at any time without giving any precaution.

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Inactivity: If you are not using your account and inactive more than a year, then Microsoft can delete your account permanently.

Need To Check Your Account May Be Hacked

If you are thinking that your account might be hacked, you should need to scan your system to protect Virus. After this, you need to change your password and re open your account. If you are still facing a problem to sign in Hotmail Account, then you have to contact to Microsoft Support Team.

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