How To Block Junk Email Or Block Sender On Window Live Hotmail

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Techmoab will guide you to how to block junk email or block a sender on Hotmail account. Junk also has known as spam.

Most of the spam email or junk email coming from advertising companies, which grab your attention to making quick money or getting rich within no time. Sometimes they attract your attention to rich quickly sitting at home.

No matter, what is the reality regarding their attention towards you or anyone, this all called as spam or junk.

If you are facing this problem on a daily basis then you must understand about how to stop all this spam in your Hotmail account.

If you consumed daily your precious time to delete these spam or junk email on window live Hotmail or outlook, you will need too much time to spend on it and also this is a headache for you. Here we tell you the simple process to save your time to block junk email on outlook or Hotmail.

If you are a new user on Window Live Hotmail or Outlook, then please sign up Hotmail. For this, you need to give your personal information to make an email account on

If you are a regular user of Hotmail or Window Live Outlook then you just need to sign in Hotmail and open your email account.

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Easy Step To Stop Junk Email

  • Login Hotmail account.
  • After opening your account. click on the “(?)” at the top right side of your page also known as mail setting menu.
  • Pop down in the box and click on “Option” button.
  • A new page will appear and click on “junk email” button on the left side of the “Option menu”.
  • Now you can see four option, you can choose one of them
  • If you choose “Block Sender”  then you have the option to block contacts or domain name that are unwanted. you can add 1024 block sender and domains.
  • If you choose “Safe Mailing List” then you received email only from your contact list, you can also add the email address you want and add +, then click save.
  • If you choose “Safe Sender” then you can add the address which you want to receive an email.
  • If you choose “Filters and Reporting”, you can choose standard or exclusive options to filter email from your Hotmail account. you can also select the share report option to the sender to inform him to delete me with their mailing list or you may not share the report and block their email.
  • You can also select the safe or unsafe content from the sender, show attachments or block attachment.
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