What is An Alias Email Account-Window Live Hotmail

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Window Live Hotmail can carry too many Alias Email Account. Alias is like the same as your email address that linked with one or two emails. You can secure your email account with the attachment of Alias Email. Alias account is an additional Window Live Hotmail account which offers you same properties such as inbox, contacts and other settings. Actually, you can change the way of login your primary account through Alias Account.

Sometimes you can’t remember your primary email, Alias will give you the opportunity to have a nick name of your email which is easy to remember. You can also use the same password of your primary email as well alias email. Alias is like as nickname of your account, you can use your Skype name, your pet or your favorite movies name for your Alias account.

Actually, you do not have any need to pay more for Alias email but you need a server email to create an Alias email. You can send or receive your email by using Alias as well your primary or original email. With the help of Alias, you can manage your incoming emails with specific folders or labels.

Difference Between Alias Email Account and Email Account

You can create any time your server base email. at the same time, you have the option to create your Alias account too.

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Alias Account

In Alias Email account, it acts as email address but you can ‘t sign into Alias as your original email address. even you can’t store email in this address. You just received email on the behalf of Alias address and transfer these on the list of the address provided for the Alias account.

Email Account

An Email account or Email Address, you can access your email via email client server or web interface. An email account has its own username and password as well its own mailbox. In email account, you need to login to access your emails. You can store, save and forward emails to anyone at any time by filtering manually as per your requirement.

Example of Alias Account

Davis has its standard account like davis@mindsolution.com. When he created an Alisa, it will be like contact@mindsolution.com or help@mindsolution.com. Email sent to both Alias, it will directly transfer into davis@mindsolution, which is your standard email account. When you replied to these emails came from Alias, it will come to the original email (davis@mindsolution).

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