Application Procedure for the Disney Rewards Visa Card or Getmydisneyvisa

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disney reward visa card

The easiest way to apply for Disney Rewards Visa Card is by using the verification code provided to you in the Invitation offer online Getmydisneyvisa website. The invitation offer is received in a mail containing a 12-digit unique key you can use to apply for the Disney Rewards Visa.

This is one of the faster, more convenient and secure ways to get access to the Disney Rewards Visa out there.

Before applying any card, you should consider about what is APR and how it will calculate annually.

Application Procedure for Disney Visa Reward

Note: You can click the Button of Official website Below to Go their official website.

  • First step is to the site on your browser to get to the Invitation page. You can click the Button of Official website Below to Go their official website.
  • Once there, you can start the Visa process by providing the Invitation number you received in the email.
  • The form will also ask your last name or your city’s zip code. Provide both and click on the submit option.
  •  This will take you onto the next page where you can select the design of your card. The Disney Rewards Credit card comes in 10 different designs from which you can choose from (Mickey & Pals, Pixie Dust, Tink, Spotlight, BB-8, Sorcerer Mickey, Diamond Celebration, Frozen, Darth Vader and Yoda).
  • Provide your personal information in the next step. These include your full name (including first, middle & last all three), your Suffix, Mailing address, Unit/Apt, State. City’s name, zip code etc.
  • Click next, you’ll need to enter your financial details on this page. Then you will need to fill the security section and that is about it.
  • Review and double-check all the information you have provided before proceeding each step. Once you’re sure all the details you have entered are correct. You can complete the application process by a final click.

A confirmation/rejection email will be sent soon after the application procedure and a credit limit will be set if your account is approved. Soon, you can receive your Disney Rewards Visa Credit card after that.

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 If this option is not available to you and you can’t apply for the Chase Disney Visa, you can get issued one directly through the company.

Important Notes

You can apply for either, the normal Disney Visa Card or a premier one using this process.

You must be 18 or above to apply for this credit card. You also must be a citizen and a permanent resident of the USA in order to be eligible for this scheme.

Not all Disney product offers are available for new cardmembers. Members who have received a new cardholder bonus within last two years also won’t be able avail some offers.

There is no limit set on the amount of Reward dollars you earn, you spend or when you spend them. Disney Reward dollars have no block out date.

Reward dollars are redeemable at most Disney places & you can spend them in resorts, theme park, cafes, gift shops, any of these places.

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