What is Safari Browser?

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The Safari browser is widely popular worldwide, mostly because Apple equipped it as a stock app on all of their devices. They created Safari in 2003 for use on their Mac computers and later adapted it for release on the iPhone 1 in 2007.
Such a smart move revolutionized our lives and allowed Safari to become as popular as it has. Read on to discover the Safari browser’s best features and how you can use them to enhance your browsing experience.

Safari Browser’s Best Features

Apple approaches their browsing application differently than other big companies. While some of them update their browsers every couple of weeks, Apple only comes up with Safari upgrades once a year. Their developers usually make these coincide with refreshes to the macOS.
As you can see, the tech giant strives for quality over quantity. Updating your Safari browser is a crucial step to maintain access to the cutting edge technologies and new functions Safari is capable of. Here are some of this famous browser’s best features.


Arguably the best trait Safari has is compatibility with all of your Apple devices. Safari can sync your tabs, history, and bookmarks in all of your gadgets. This way, you can seamlessly continue working without bringing your bulky laptop everywhere you go. You can even copy images or text from Safari on one device and paste it onto another. Even though this feature only works among Apple gadgets, it is still extremely useful.

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Customization Options

The newest update to Safari includes some massive customization options. Apple has redesigned the start page to give you more personalization. You can choose a background and even add your favorite features. This way, you’ll enjoy the convenience of having Favorites, Siri Suggestions, and Privacy Report, all in one place.
Safari also allows browser extensions and add-ons. These supplements will notably enhance your browsing experience. You can make your life a lot easier by using Safari extensions, which can add some more helpful features. In fact, many of your favorite services probably offer a browser extension compatible with the Safari browsing application.


With the newest Safari refresh, Apple has added some crucial security measures to increase your safety while browsing the internet. One of the best new features is Intelligent Tracking Prevention. This function stops advertisers from following you between sites.
Unbeknownst to many internet users, some websites allow other data collection companies to take and analyze information based on your browsing. Intelligent Tracking Prevention stops these companies from shadowing you between sites.
Another handy feature is the Privacy Report. Through it, the Safari browser lets you know how it protects you and your data. You can find this useful setting in the toolbar or move it onto your Safari home screen for quick viewing.

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Many popular browsers offer to save your passwords for you. Safari is not an exception. Whenever you log in to a new site, Safari will ask if you wish to store your information for future use. The next time you visit that site, the browser will automatically input your username and password.
You may be wondering what happens if there is a security breach of your credentials. Using advanced technology, Safari will check whether your data has been compromised or not. If a breach occurs, Safari will help you upgrade your log-in information and create stronger passwords.

Final Remarks

If you didn’t think Safari could get any better, here’s an additional benefit you might not know about. This popular browser is also compatible with JavaScript. You can read more about it and see for yourself why this scripting language will improve your overall internet using experience!

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