Things to Know Before Producing an Animated Explainer Video

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Creating an animated explainer video allows you to more fully reveal your product and interact with the target audience in a quality manner. Depending on the goals, it is necessary to choose the correct length of the episode. The most versatile are 90 second explainer videos. If you don’t know where to start at all, the best solution would be to contact a professional explainer video company.

The specialists offer comprehensive assistance to create explainer videos of different formats and styles. Animation explainer video is easy to adapt for different purposes of clients. Creative teams can bring ideas of varying difficulty levels to reality as requested by clients. Advertising, brand presentation or training tutorials on completely different topics fit perfectly into this concept. Want to know more? Check out the possibilities of creative teams at

Professional production of 3D animation on video

We strongly believe that developing effective 2D and 3D video animation is a calling. Not every marketer or video operator can cope with this task. Of course, if the budget is limited, and imagination and diligence allow you to write a script yourself, draw a storyboard and edit a video – that’s great! But more often than not, a whole creative team is working on even the shortest video. In it, each specialist performs a strictly defined function. This approach allows you to make the product clear, bright and hit the target!

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It is important that specialists take into account absolutely all the details of the projects being developed. Especially carefully you need to work out such components of the videos as:

• General idea and scenario;

• Drawing details;

• Characters;

• Musical accompaniment;

• Voice acting of heroes.

Also, an important priority is the requirements and wishes of customers. They must be considered at all stages of the development of animation videos. That is why each stage must be coordinated with the customer and only then move on.

Inexpensive video animation creation

Many business leaders are rejecting flashy marketing ideas because they think the implementation will be very expensive. In fact, competent specialists can always offer a more economical option. This will not affect the quality of the overall marketing strategy. On the contrary, you can attract the attention of the audience, improve interaction with it.

What should the work of professionals look like?

High-quality video and voice acting

Only professional animators with experience in rendering animation videos in various techniques should work at the studio. To create voice acting, it is advisable to have a database of your own speakers. And to record musical accompaniment you need a recording studio and sound engineers.

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Strict adherence to deadlines

Most often, cooperation with representatives of creative professions is associated with the risk of waiting for results for a long time. Not always, but often creative people working outside the agency sin by missed deadlines. If the release of a video at a certain time is critically important for your business: a new product entering the market, a presentation of a new branch, then it is better to entrust the work of a company in which the process is built on the principles of strict adherence to deadlines.

Making videos that hit right on target

Before you start creating animation, be sure to thoroughly analyze the activities of the customer’s company. It is important that you get exactly the video that will best convey the necessary information to the target audience.

Stages of work

• Coordination of the idea of ​​the video;

• Concept and scenario development;

• Storyboarding the main scenes;

• Rendering animation in the selected style;

• Work with voice acting: announcer and music;

• Elaboration of edits;

• Transfer of the finished video to the client.

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