How to Use Revv (the All-In-One Quoting Software) to Prepare Professional Quotes?

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Digital technologies are growing with an upward curve. One of the significant impacts of digitization is speed. The pace of business in all spheres (manufacturing, sales, marketing, etc.) needs to be accelerated to meet the market’s expectations. Organizations must adapt to tools like marketing automation software, quoting software, conferencing tools, etc., to derive the desired result and sustain the extremely competitive market.

What does quoting software do?

The sales technology of any organization plays a vital role in determining its long-term growth.  It directly affects the pace at which business functions. A sales quoting software is a chief constituent of the sales technology. It helps to streamline the mechanics of sales. You can create quotes using optimal templates, customize quote configurations, and automate the entire process.

In a nutshell, quoting software helps to speed up the sales quotation process. A faster process lends a hand to persuade the prospective client by reaching out earlier to them.

Qualities of a professional sales quote

  • Easily accessible: Your sales quote must be accessible on all devices for the ease of your prospective client. Revv provides the option to share quotes as a link enabling your clients to access it anytime and anywhere.
  • Well-structured: You need to design and develop a proper structure for your quote before preparing the final document. The structure means the order and the layout of different sections present in the quote. A logical sequence will help the client grasp the information quickly, leaving a good impression of your company.
  • Well-formatted: Your quote should be laid out well in terms of appearance to have a professional look. Choose clear fonts, soothing colors (if required), and highlight headings and keywords. This will make your quotation presentable and easy to read. Revv supports Grammarly inside its documents, letting the users write professionally.
  • Concise and accurate: Present the information briefly instead of beating around the bush. Avoid jargon and be accurate while mentioning the pricing details, as it is the primary aim of sending out a quote. Recheck all the calculations and spellings to avoid silly mistakes.
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Steps to create a sales quote using Revv (a quoting software)

  1. There are two ways to create a sales quote in Revv. Either pick a free sales quote template from the ready-to-use templates library or develop a new one from scratch. You can also upload an already existing document if you have any.
  2. Use the document building blocks on the right pane to customize your documents as per the requirement. Drag and drop content blocks into the sales quote template. Use text, table, quote table, image, page break, empty space, signature blocks, and design your document.
  3. With Revv’s built-in product catalog and customizable price book, you do not need to bother about how to give a price quote to your prospective clients.

Add a price book using the left navigation bar and update the required information (name, description, currency). Do not forget to update the product catalog, linked to your final price book for respective clients.

  1. You can also directly link a Google sheet in a Revv document that contains pricing and product information. You just have to drag and drop the google sheet block in your quote and sync your google sheet with Revv.
  2. Once the quote is ready, you can share it with the concerned salespeople within the company for review. They can add notes, mention their comments or suggestions for improvement or any correction. This reduces the need for constant back and forth of multiple emails, that can get lost in your inbox.
  3. Make changes (if any) according to the comments received in the same document.
  4. Send the final quote to the client to get their approval through eSign. Drop an eSign block and add the details of the signer; there can be multiple signers too. Click send for eSign and enjoy a faster approval process.
  5. You can track the client’s activity on the sales quote using the activity tab in this quoting software. As you can also see who opened and signed the document along with the date and time of their activity.
  6. You can organize all your documents in separate folders. This helps in retrieving them easily in the future for reference.
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Some tips to stand out from your competitors

  • Have a strong brand identity: If you create multiple sales quotes regularly, you need to have uniformity in the templates. Ensure your quotation templates speak of your brand identity.

But, designing suitable templates from scratch can consume a lot of time and delay the sales process. Quoting software like Revv helps solve this problem by providing a range of easy-to-edit templates. You can simply drag and drop elements of your choice and customize your quote as per your brand’s visual identity.

  • Use quality visuals: You can add some images of your product in the quotation to arouse the client’s interest. Visuals are often more impactful than just words and increase user engagement. Ensure using high-resolution pictures to make your quote presentable.
  • Follow-up: Follow-up efforts, like a mail or a call (if possible) from you, will add value to the professional bond. It will cement the connection between you and your prospect and help the client develop trust in your company.

Your relationship with the prospective client is ongoing until the quote gets signed. Don’t give up immediately as 80 percent of clients deny before finally saying yes to a deal. This does not mean annoying them with your persistent effort will always work. Consider a gap of about two days before you reach out again as a decent practice.

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It’s the right time to switch!

Preparing quotes for clients is the first step towards clinching a business deal. You need to prepare quotes that are good enough to convince the prospective client to choose the benefits of your offering over others.

Revv is an all-in-one quoting software that can also manage all business document related hassles. It offers various free sales quote templates, enables seamless collaboration with teams and clients, app integrations, and provides secure e-signatures.

Switch to Revv to create error-free professional quotes within minutes and align your sales quotation process.

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