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Headphones that look like earplugs are a newer concept that is becoming increasingly popular with the masses. These are a type of wireless headphones that offer both; convenience and portability to the users. There are no messy wires and cables, which makes it travel friendly as well. With more useful features such as passive cancellation, it is an excellent choice to use in the industrial area, including factories or other crowded places such as music festivals and concerts. 

How to choose the best headphones that look like earplugs

To choose the best headphones, you must check all the features and specifications beforehand. Such features are listed below:

Sound quality

This is probably one of the key features you need to look in a pair of headphones. In most cases, wired headphones tend to have relatively better sound quality than wireless headphones. Since these headphones are mostly wireless, you need to pay special attention to the sound quality.  

Bluetooth technology 

Bluetooth technology is something that is a common feature in wireless headsets. Still, when buying a new pair of headphones, make sure it gives both; wired and wireless connectivity options.


They are vital for delivering clear sound to the listeners. It is believed that large-sized drivers offer better sound quality without any distortion.

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The recommended range for premium quality earphones ranges between 60dB to 90dB. At the same time, the majority of budget earphones offer a sensitivity of 100dB.


Impedance is the energy that headsets need to function correctly. Some models need low output impedance to deliver high-quality sound.

Earphones that function on high levels of impedance are more demanding as they require a good energy source to provide crystal clear sound. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for earplugs with low impedance.

Battery life 

Long battery life is crucial for any wireless device. The same goes for earplugs. Ideally, it would be best to look for earplugs that can last for at least 7-10 hours on a single charge.

U-ROK Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds Sports


•Bluetooth 5.0 enabled 

•Automated pairing

•Comes with a handy charging case 

•Waterproof resistant earbuds

•Crystal clear sound quality 


Short battery life 

Owing to wireless technology’s growing popularity, keeping wireless earbuds has become more of a need rather than a necessity.

These earplugs are Bluetooth 5.0 enabled, which ensures a smooth data transmission.

Plus, the entire process of pairing is fully automated. They detect your device and connect to it automatically.

With these earphones, you can make calls and listen to songs in crystal clear sound quality.

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The battery lasts for around 4 hours, and they are both; heat proof and water-resistant, which makes it a great device to use while traveling.

URIZONS Thread-Wrapped Bluetooth Earbuds


•Bluetooth 4.2 enabled

•Water resistant 

•Powerful battery 

•Noise cancellation 

• Portable and compact design 


•Average build quality 

These earphones offer crystal clear sound quality, with a powerful battery and wireless connectivity. With these wireless earbuds, you can listen to music and make essential calls anywhere and anytime.

The device also comes with a small led light and shows the current battery life.These earphones share compatibility with both; Apple and Android-based devices.

All in all, these earphones are lightweight, portable, heatproof, and water-resistant.

ISOtunes PRO 2.0 Bluetooth Earplug


•Noise canceling feature

•Wireless connectivity 

•Bluetooth 5.0 enabled 

•Long battery life

•Light weight and portable 


Flimsy exterior

These earphones are designed to block unwanted noise in the background. They are Bluetooth enabled, and the tip of the earbuds are soft and padded.

These earphones are equipped with a powerful battery. Once you charge these earphones, they will easily last for 10- 12 hours on a single charge. Moreover, they are made of anti-slip material, which means they don’t fall off the ear easily.

Since these earphones come with a responsive noise cancellation feature, you can easily receive calls in noisy areas. Moreover, they are heat resistant, sweat-proof, which means they are travel friendly and will last for years.

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To sum up

This article discussed the top six features you need to consider when buying a new pair of earphones. Based on these factors, you can easily pick one that fits your budget.

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