Work Smarter: Managing Time Is Managing Your Whole Existence

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One of the essential life skills that one can possess is time management, and without it, most people would wander around full of regret because of how their lives passed them by in a blink of an eye. Luckily, the importance of time in the present is conveniently presented through the lessons of the past.

A human being’s lifespan goes by like a twinkle in the stars compared to what we call the cosmos’ “grand scheme.” Opportunity cost has never been more critical than today with everything in the world, such as inflation, disease, and various societal and global conflicts.

Making the best of your time is taking hold of your future as what one does in the present can positively or negatively affect the future. It’s a domino effect that stays constant no matter what and understanding what the implications are is what this article is meant to do for you.

Time Is Of The Essence

Different people have varying ways of success in making the most out of their day, but sometimes, a little help goes a long way. There are now many tools to help you manage your time better, such as an online Tomato timer, smartphones, and plenty of different widgets you can add to your personal or work computer.

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However, these tools need to be made as utility and not a shackle that will bind us into dependence. The convenience of relying on technology is both addicting and risky, but with proper self-control and distinction between man and machine, there’s nothing to be worried about.

A well-organized and light schedule is better than a loaded program of someone trying to look busy on paper. Most professionals today don’t have a proper work ethic as the age group for working individuals gets younger each time, and that is why millennials suffer from a lot of health issues at a very young age. 

Life goes by like a bullet train if we’re not careful with how we manage our time, and if history is the basis for that, we have more than enough examples to gain knowledge. A turning point in human history was when the consistent cycle of human existence caught the eye of whoever was curious enough. We always remember that time is of the essence.

Monetary Benefits Of Calculating Time

To a certain degree, every person has their perception and personal gauge of how much their time is worth. It presents a necessary interpretation and framework of how time can be calculated in some ways down below.

  1. Know how much time you invest in earning money.
  2. What is your money to time ratio?
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The first step is to measure how many hours a day is poured into work-related experiences such as commuting to the office, staying inside the actual workspace, and the time to get home. When you hold these numbers, you can then get a tangible representation of your yearly dedication to earning money.

Once you’ve worked out all the specific details and tailor-made it so you have a framework of your own, then getting the whole picture isn’t that hard anymore. Usually, the average person has 2,500 hours spent on day-to-day activities related to work or business. Adding or subtracting to that will get you right on track to making a proper schedule that you can follow.

Tracking Productivity

Countless software tools exist to help people with their productivity, and some even offer specific benefits like tracking internet browsing time, idle time, and local program usage. These tools enable professionals to effectively place their productivity in groups such as written activities, marketing, and even brainstorming new ideas.

After you’ve made a good calculation of how much you earn and how much you spend time earning it, you can take that and make adjustments independently. These adjustments can be in the form of lessening breaks in between work hours, sleeping earlier, eating on time, and so on.

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Specific software can be utilized again to aid in handling finances, and different accounting tools exist for this very purpose. We can never have enough help to manage our time as the world is evolving faster than we can keep up with. This is especially true for the people who didn’t get a proper education as they may have been wasting precious hours of their day on non-essential tasks.


The hands of time will always turn as long as humanity’s perception of time stays the same. If by some miracle, physics laws suddenly don’t apply anymore, maybe we can stop and think about everything we said here. Until then, do yourself a favor and make sure your existence isn’t wasting away on whatever you’re doing. Each second is important. Make the most out of time and don’t waste it, because it’s something that can’t be taken back.

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