Ways to Get a Hold of Your Leads Through Digital Marketing

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The main objective of any digital marketing strategy is to bring in new leads which might later become potential customers or clients. However, generating leads using digital marketing is easier said than done as there are a variety of options to explore.

Fortunately, you can search for the keyphrase – ‘digital marketing services in India’ which will help you get a list of leading digital marketing agencies in India to help you out:

Some of the key strategies these companies use are mentioned below:

  1. Email marketing: Email marketing can be highly effective for generating leads. You could either use your own database or depend on external publishers who can use their database to generate leads for you. If you are using your own database then you would have to use an email marketing platform to deploy promotional emails. While doing so, ensure that best practices of email marketing are followed. Some of them include:
    1. SPF/DKIM – SPF (Sender policy framework) enables senders to define the IP addresses that would be used to deploy promotional emails. DKIM (Domain key identification mapping) offers a digital signature and an encryption key which verify that the email wasn’t forged.
    2. IP reputation score – Keep tracking the reputation score of the IP addresses offered by your email marketing platform vendor. If your score keeps dipping consistently, then the chances of your email landing in spam are higher.
    3. A/B split testing – Keep testing your email campaigns to figure out which combination of sender name, subject line and mailer works better.
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            If you are using a publisher to generate leads from an external email database, then

            keep tracking the lead quality and lead to conversion ratio. There are leading digital

            marketing agencies in Mumbai which can help you with email marketing activities.

  1. Social Media Services: Social media platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin can be used to generate leads. For instance, 55% of B2B buyers use social media to research vendors. Promoting gated content, running paid advertisements, hosting live events and running referral campaigns are some of the ways in which leads can be generated through social media platforms. Social media will also enable you to build brand reputation and establish your position as a thought leader. Thankfully, many digital marketing services in India are present to help you with this.
  1. Pay Per Click: A brilliant key to maximizing your search engine rankings is PPC (pay per click). Organic SEO does not have a direct cost linked to it. You optimize your websites using specific keywords so that your websites naturally appear in front of your prospects. PPC does the same thing, but it costs. As the topmost searches get 33% of the search traffic, a campaign is set that links to specific keywords which will aim at getting number 1 ranked spot. This will bring more viewers to your website and will ultimately bring you more business. PPC is worth every penny spent because in return you get something more worth the money you spent.
  1. Optimized Website: The first question you should ask yourself is, “Is my website good enough to convert random people visiting my website into leads?”. If your website is perfectly optimized then you are capable of converting at least a small percentage of your random website visitors into business leads. The money you are paying to keep your website up to date is only worth it if you are getting something in return. Therefore, make sure that you have a perfectly optimized and attractive website.
  1. Regular Analysis: We wish to have a digital marketing strategy which not only works but also produces consistent results. Hence, measurement and analysis are very important for any company. If any company is not performing this practice then any changes made by them are unrecorded and will be of no help if in future strategy building. When something fails, you need to know the reason and at the same time, if something works brilliantly, you need to know how and why. If you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Mumbai which will help your business to get more leads, you’ll find plenty of them on the web.
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Brand awareness, brand credibility and lead generation are the three most important factors for any company. A digital marketing strategy is essential to ensure these three factors. Without a strong digital marketing game, your business may lose its edge. Many digital marketing agencies in Mumbai have experienced and capable professionals to help you craft out your strategy.

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