13 Interesting Facts About Harriet Tubman

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Though there are constitutions that have a significant impact on the progress of the equality treatment towards people, to this day, there are no doubts about the marks of discrimination, racism, and intolerance. Most of us are aware that black people experience the most intense stigmas, and the rising of the visions of Harriet Tubman was for the cause. 

Donald Trump Rejected The Proposal Of Having Harriet Tubman’s As The Image On A Twenty Dollar Bill

If you want to know one of the Harriet Tubman facts that became the talk of the town, then this fact will grab your interest. In Donald Trump’s presidential campaigns, there was an announcement having an image of Harriet Tubman on their $20 bill. Donald Trump reacted and labeled the icon as fantastic, but still disagreed because of political correctness.

With this kind of reaction, a lot of people had second emotions to it. They kept on saying that to this day, the fight is still not over since there are still traces of racism and disregard for the battle Harriet Tubman had bravely fought. 

The Underground Railroad Used By Harriet Tubman To Free The Slaves

You might not know about this, but Harriet Tubman made it possible to free three hundred slaves alongside with the help of a close group of reliable antislavery activists. Through utilizing the hidden railroad, Harriet Tubman did not lose a slave when aiming for secret passages and a safe house. This fact is one of the many things to admire about Harriet Tubman. 

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Harriet Tubman Used Code Names For The Slave’s Successful Escape 

Tubman’s wise tactics made everything possible. The code name for the Canada Underground Railroad was understood by the slaves as the “Canaan.” for the directions, she used “spiritual songs.” Some of her people were illiterate, which made it hard for some, but she did not give up and ensured that the routes given are easy to comprehend. 

The Harriet Tubman Underground National Historical Park Established In 2013

This Historical Park dedicated to the wonders of Harriet Tubman is a large scale national park having a 193-hectare area. In 2013, under the “Antiquities Act” ordered by the great former United States President Barack Obama, the park was built to commemorate all of the hard work and accomplishments of Harriet Tubman to save her community.

The Great Harriet Tubman Had Narcolepsy Disorder

In her slavery years, she was a teenager, and there was a time where she had a severe head injury mainly caused by hitting her head. Instead of the metal hitting the other aimed slave, it hit her by a poorly aimed throw. With this, she acquired a sleeping disorder that results in having a hard time waking her up.

Harriet Tubman’s Narcolepsy Disorder Became An Instrument For Her Mission

After having the said severe head injury, she had frequent lucid dreams and hallucinations experienced, and in her dreams, she had visions received from the Almighty God. Her convictions, because of her Narcolepsy, were a tool in helping her reach out to find ways to escape her fellow slaves. 

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Harriet Tubman Assisted Nineteen Escape Missions

Most of the time, Harriet suggests that escaping slaves should happen on a Saturday night in Winter because all slave owners use their Sundays as a rest day. This plan makes it less noticeable until Monday that their slaves were gone. Harriet Tubman ensured they have two days of spare time to take advantage of proceeding with the escape mission. 

Harriet Tubman Excelled Regarding Natural Remedies

Harriet Tubman is familiar with Maryland’s local floras, and it helped her look for a natural remedy that she can use for troops that were suffering from dysentery, which is irritable intestinal inflammation. Harriet Tubman also found a cure to relieve the symptoms of diseases such as Yellow fever, Cholera, and Chicken Pox. 

Harriet Tubman Had Four Brothers And Four Sisters

She had eight siblings with her four brothers named Henry Ross, Moses Ross, Ben Ross, and Rober Ross. Harriet Tubman’s sisters were named Rachel Ross, Soph Ross, Mariah Ritty Ross, and Linah Ross. 

Harriet Tubman Consistently Prayed For Her Master

Tubman continues to pray for her master to change his mind about selling her. Every night she prays because her master had visitors and continues to bring people to check her out and consider purchasing. In 1894, Harriet changed the way of praying. She eventually asked God to kill her owner if he would not change his decision and her master died after a week. 

The Escape Of Harriet Tubman And Her SIblings Happened On September 17, 1849

When Harriet’s master died, after six months, Harriet, Ben Ross, and Henry Ross had a way to escape from intense slavery. When they ran away, the other slaves were out and worked in a different house. Eliza Brodess did not notice they were gone since she was confident that no one escaped. Two weeks after, she discerned her slaves were gone. 

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Harriet Tubman Owned A Gun

Harriet Tubman brought a revolver with her. This weapon is a protective tool for her to use when there are watchdogs and slave catchers on site. This gun was her defense mechanism for possible attacks that would get in their way. 

Tubman also used it to make sure the other slaves were not afraid and would not change their escape plan, for they had a weapon in hand. The revolver gave them enough courage to proceed with the escape system led by Harriet Tubman.

Harriet Tubman Underwent Brain Surgery Without Anesthesia

In 1898, Harriet Tubman went under the knife for her severe brain injury she got way back in her slavery days. She chose to proceed with the operation without getting anesthesia. This surgery made her extend her life for 17 years more after her brain surgery. 


Centuries have passed by, Harriet Tubman, considered a great visionary, led her to free her community from intense and heartless slavery. She left a mark being a legacy to the liberty of the black community. Up to this day, Harriet Tubman stays as an iconic figure of people who made a massive life-changing movement for her people’s betterment. 

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