Different Ways to Use Glass Vase for Home Decor

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Vases are used to decorate spaces for ages. From hand-painted to antique, people buy different types of vases to enhance the look and feel of their spaces. They come in different sizes, shapes, styles and designs. From cheap to extremely expensive, you can buy any type of vase to amp up your living space. There are multiple ways in which vases can be used to decorate your home and office. Here in this blog, we are going to share the list of these ways with you so that you can use vases in a unique way and improve the entire look of your space. 

1. Framing Photographs

If you have medium-sized, a transparent vase in your home then you can use it to display your photographs. It’s easy to put photographs in vases and trust me they serve as a highly effective decorative material. You can put brightly coloured and black & white photographs in vases and decorate your table and corner. You can turn multiple vases into photo frames and amp up your living space

2. Flowers in Vases 

Using flowers in vases is the most common ways to decorate your home. You can either buy artificial or original flowers from the market and put them in vases. It will improve the overall look and feel of your home. In fact, a lot of positivity will be attracted to your living space when you decorate it with flowers. You can buy lilies, roses, sunflower, tulips, carnations and put them in vases to amp up the aura of your living space. 

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3. Branches in vases

It seems odd but is a very attractive and unique way to make your simple vase look exotic and classic. During the fall or winter seasons, you can find branch lying on the road. Just pick them up and use them as a decorative item in your space. You can also colour these branches brown, pink, yellow and red to make them look attractive. If you don’t want to spend money on flowers, then buy branches and put them into a vase. Trust me, it will improve the look of the entire house. 

4. Turn them into a candle holder

If you have small, transparent vases in your home, you can use them as a candle holder. Vases with intricate net pattern can also be turned into a candle holder. They look classic, attractive and modern. You can buy aromatic candles for your vases from the market. There are a thousand types of candle available in the market. You can buy anything the fits your budget and requirements and use it as an amazing decorative material for your home. 

5. Miscellaneous things can be added

Well, there are certain other things that can be added to transparent vases like candies, fruits, herbs, wine corks, etc. They make the vase look extremely beautiful and versatile. If you want to add some uniqueness to your home, then try adding some unique things to your vases. Trust me, it will definitely work, as suggested by Roberta Custer.

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Types Of Vases

There are different types of vases that are easily available in the market and these are Glass Cylinder Vases, Woven Bamboo Vase, Textured Table Vases, Floral Rustic Vases, Recycled Glass Bottle Vases, White Stone Vases, Ceramic Vases, Geometric Patterned Vases, Delicate Floral Printed Vases, Half-Dipped Stoneware Vases, Abstract Indigo Vases, Honeycomb Vases, etc. You can any that fits your budget and needs. In the market, you will be surprised to see the range of vases. Buy them and use them to amp up your living spaces. 

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