9 best ideas to make birthday special for kids

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We all have birthdays every year and we try to make our big day as special as possible. Birthdays always have a special charm for kids. As a parent, you want to celebrate an exciting party to bring a big smile to your child’s face. Throwing a big party or spending too much money is not essential to make your kid’s birthday memorable.

Here are some tips to make your kid’s special day more special.

Birthday venues

Many parents want to celebrate their kid’s parties at outside facilities because either they have not enough space for a large gathering or they want to hand over all preparations to a professional. There are many perfect places out there to celebrate birthday parties. In Sydney birthday venues offer you a variety of themes at a minimal cost. Your kid’s birthday party in Chicago can also become magical if you select a place that provides entertainment and fun like escape room games for your kids.

Birthday balloons

It is always fun to wake up in balloons. Fill your kid’s room with a birthday balloon when he is asleep. You can see his delight when he discovers them. You can hang the balloons from the ceiling, through the doorway, down the stairs, and on the floor. Filling balloons with candies and a little treat will make them happier.

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Birthday breakfast

No need to wait for the end of the day to celebrate your birthday. Breakfast with a candle can be a great start-up for your child. Bake some pancakes with a candle on it and sing the ‘happy birthday’ song.

Pick your child up early from school

If your child has to go to school on his birthday. You can pick up him an hour early from school for a surprise lunch or go for a picnic. No doubt it will be hard for you to manage this from your busy schedule. But this surprise lunch or picnic will be a memorable one for you and your child.

Dress them in special attire

Let your kid wear his favorite dress. You can take him to the shopping mall and buy him a dress of his choice. Or you can even decorate the birthday dress by yourself. This will be more special for your kids.

Make homemade cake

Without a birthday cake, birthdays are incomplete. It is the birthday cake that grabs the attention of everyone present at the party. Ask him what flavor and color of frosting he wants for his birthday, and bake his birthday cake at home. You can also order from a bakery.

Give them handmade cards

Birthday cards can help you express your love and emotions. You can make a card with handwritten birthday wishes inside for your kid. Ask your child’s friends personally to make cards and send him to make some surprising moments.

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Theme parties

You can throw a fancy dress party. Kids can come up with a costume of their favorite cartoon, movie, or storybook character. Messy party themes are also quite trending these days. You can organize a playdough or decoration station. Kids will enjoy being messy and creative.


You can also plan for camping. Pitch some tents in an open area and host your young campers and invite them to be a part of outdoor activities.  Make their teams and take them for a walk. Ask them to collect leaves and stones to get bonus marks for camping facilities. This adventure trip will fill your kid’s birthday with fun and thrill.

So, you can make your kid’s birthday special and memorable through the above discussed ideas.

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