The bright future of WordPress with its new Editor

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The most preferred Content Management System (CMS) since the last decade has undoubtedly been WordPress.  Though some other CMS are equally good and as secure as WordPress, people prefer to use WordPress because of its user-friendly interface and simpler learning curve.  This translates to the lesser time taken to learn and get acclimatized to this software and also attract more entrepreneurs and bloggers.

What is expected from WordPress?

As expected for any platform, there will be improvements and updating, with many new features getting added and existing ones removed or modified. With more than 25% of the digital network runs on the WordPress platform and close to 80 million websites that boast of big brands and famous profiles, WordPress is only expected to grow bigger as per estimates of a professional Atlanta WordPress developer.

 Why WordPress?

The benefits are unlimited. From a lesser learning curve to cost-effectiveness, from customization to multilingual support are all available with WordPress. Since its inception, WordPress has never been static and always ensured constant updating, the fine-tuning leading to improved versions every time. And when it comes to scalability issues in the future, WordPress looks ready to take it head-on.

For Starters, WordPress is the preferred medium.  The good thing about it is that its handholds its user throughout the process and provides continuous support. The advantage it provides in terms of durability, stability, aesthetic features, user-friendly navigations, and the freedom to use and modify without facing any licensing permission, makes it a convenient platform.

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Future of WordPress

The new editor of WordPress known as Gutenberg has got mixed reviews so far but despite that, it is expected that WordPress will grow more out of necessity than by choice.  The only impact would be that the growth curve will be flat compared to what it saw earlier. People use WordPress for its simplicity and it is expected that the new editor will allow new features and freedom for editing blogs and web content like earlier.  There will be more synergy in what is being created by the developer at the backend and what comes out as the final product.

New Features

1.  A better User interface (UI).  This means that the design that website developers anticipate and incorporates is easy to understand, access, and incorporate.  According to Web developers like Blue Light Labs, more and more non-technical persons can start using WordPress’s new UI, as its popularity grows further.

2. WordPress will move more towards website development than being just a publishing platform due to the new application frameworks available to developers. This will mean more opportunities for both bloggers and website developers to use this reliable platform in the future.

3. The new features would mean more up-gradation in its translating service. More Multilingual support would mean many more themes available in different languages. This would lead to more users from across the globe. This would also mean more localized themes and products getting added to the translation dashboard making it more versatile.

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It is expected that the Gutenberg power WordPress will see more themes, probably localized and more user friendly for its user than what we have seen so far.

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