The fantastic design of custom printed gable box packaging

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Gable boxes have gained their name in the packaging industry due to the exceptional features they acquire. One distinctive attribute is the handle due to which customers prioritize these boxes over the rest. The term gable symbolizes a triangular top, so these boxes are pyramidal from the top. This pyramid has extensions that mold into the handles. The handles offer a double benefit. Firstly, they facilitate carrying, and secondly, they provide a locking mechanism. Impressively, the handle allows individuals to carry hot, cold, or oily items easily inside the box. Their manufacturing material is mostly cardboard, and sometimes plastic. Such boxes are manufactured according to the 3R strategy of packaging i.e., re-use, reduce, and recycle. They are resistant to abrasion and are preferred because their design is convenient, assembly is uncomplicated, and customization is flexible. These boxes come in countless designs varying in shapes, sizes, and even the material used for production. This diversity has made them irreplaceable in the packaging market. Hundreds of times, you got product inside the packaging that has handles on top. Owing to this characteristic, gable boxes can replenish the packaging business. Being easy to carry is not the only reason for them to be in demand. Besides being the ideal recommendation for take-away, these convenient and flexible to customize boxes can be subjected to endless printing designs. Professionals offer excellent printing services to meet all your custom printing needs. Some of the trending styles of these custom printed boxes are outlined below.

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1. Aesthetic designing

 In the market of packaging, the competition has increased so much that similar products with minute differences are in display. As an answer to this concern, the consumers prefer aesthetic designs of corrugated gable boxes that leave a pleasing effect on their customers as aesthetic designs never go out of trend. Such boxes with fine printing features are best to gain the attraction of kids. In this regard, one can get cartoon characters and themes printed on the box. This is a suitable packaging for kid’s toys and stationery items. Having a pointed top and square bottom, these resemble a hut. Get any of the house exterior design printed on custom gable boxes. It would be enthralling and fascinating to kids.

2. Custom engraved PVC boxes  

The shape of clear gable boxes makes them highly functional, and so does the material from which they are made. These easy to grab boxes are mostly composed of eco-friendly material like corrugated paper, cardboard, or kraft paper. For the manufacturing of such boxes, polyvinyl chloride PVC plastic is used. This enables the customer to have a full view of the retail product. Even the handle top is made crystal clear. These are extensively applied to pack gift items or pre-packed chocolates and candies. Usually, an additional bow or ribbon is attached to the handle. Since PVC does not offer printing on it, these clear boxes are customized by the application of engraving or embossing. Get exquisite patterns engraved on the boxes and make them look great. 

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3. Printing with embellishments 

Kraft gable boxes have become the preference of the packaging industrialists because of the printing features; these packaging solutions offer more diversity and convenience. Like the rest of the boxes, gable boxes with handles do come in unique printing styles. Printing alone is not enough to customize these boxes. Embellishments like threads, ribbons, pre-tied bows, and stickers will make the box look more elegant and eye-catching to the customers. Furthermore, to grasp the attention of the audience at a large scale, it is significant to work on the exterior as well as the interior of these handle boxes. To serve this purpose, insert dividers. This gives the box a more presentable look, especially if tiny items are placed inside. You can also gain the objective of safe transport through heavy-duty gable boxes. Their bottom is made strong and durable enough to support heavy objects inside. Sometimes gold or silver foils are placed at the bottom, which imparts strength as well as adds to the beauty of the box.

4. Window custom printed boxes

No matter what kind of packaging boxes are employed, windows design is extensively applied to grasp the attention of viewers. This design exclusively displays your product and enhances positive customer experience. In this design, a subtle color scheme is applied inside out to make the box look more graceful. The best colorful and printed gable boxes come in hundreds of different style windows. The position of the window is also a contributing factor in catching the focus of customers. The inviting sight of the inside product motivates the viewer to end up buying that. Besides, some brands prefer transparency in the boxes. Die-cut patterns on the window boxes are effective in engaging the customers. The above-mentioned designs are a few exclusive ones that have proved to increase the sales of retail items in custom gable boxes packaging. Not all the designs of these boxes come at the same price. Elegant designing demands a handsome amount to pay for. Let the price not be a reason to compromise over the quality. Corresponding to it, multiple industries are there to provide you gable packaging wholesale at a reasonable cost. By opting for this, you can maintain your packaging quality without going out of the budget. 

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