How To Cancel Amazon Prime Account

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If you have finally decided to end, unsubscribe or Cancel Amazon Prime Account. Then, I ensure you that it’s very simple. In these days people sign up for Amazon Prime free trial and get the full benefit in 30 days, then cancel Amazon Prime Account. Once you sign up for Prime Account, your account will be charged after ending of your trail period through credit card and annually after that.

Before unsubscribe or cancel Amazon Prime Account, you may need to know how to avoid the annual charges on your 30-days trial periods of your prime account. If you are still thinking to cancel Amazon Prime Account, then you can choose to set a renewal reminder by selecting the “Remind me later” option. Before going to end or cancel Amazon Prime Account, you need to know how much time you have your prime trial. For this you have to sign in Amazon Prime Account, you can see your name with “hello” at the top right side of the page.

You can also see at the left side of the page, how much longer you have the member of the Amazon Prime account and the renewal date of your Prime account membership. If any reason Amazon fails to deliver your shipment on time, you can complain and one possibility of repayment will be to extend your Prime Membership account for one month extra.

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If you have decided to end or cancel your Prime Account then you need to go Manage Prime Membership Page and can click on the End Membership button on the left side of the page. After clicking the “End Membership” will take you to another page to reconfirm the end membership. On this page, it will also have the opportunity to know about the exact ending date of trial or membership of Amazon account.

One of the best reason to sign up Amazon Prime Account is the policy of refunding your payment against your Prime account. If you have not used your Amazon Prime Account benefit like no streaming of Prime Videos, no one-day deliveries, no Kindle lending library and company was charged payment through your credit card, then you are eligible to refund your full payment even though your Trial Prime Account has been expired. This is very simple, if you did not want to continue with your account or want to end or don’t need to subscription, you can cancel Amazon Prime Account any time and refund your money back.

Amazon offers the opportunity to their customers for a free trial of Prime once in a year. It’s very simple to understand that if you canceled your Prime Account and decide again to start with Amazon Prime, then you have no choice rather than a paid membership of your Amazon Prime. After using a year of this Prime Account, you will again eligible to use one month free trial of Amazon Prime Account.

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