Michael Kors Timepiece Collections That You Should Check Out!

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Over the decades, the world continuously evolves to something new, especially when it comes to technology. When you look back to the past and into the future, you will see how many things have changed since then, not only the technology but also the people’s behavior and the way people dress from conservative to liberated.

The only fashion that never changed over time is jewelry and a wristwatch. Some of us have already forgotten the importance of a wristwatch and what impacts it gives you. A wristwatch is an accessory where you can track time, and it has a significant effect on your overall fashion statement. Here is one brand that fashion and watches do meet.

The Prominent Michael Kors

The world market is full of different brands that can provide all your needs and wants, but not all of them have proven their worth. One of the most prestigious brands is the famous Michael Kors. This fabulous brand was founded by one American designer, namely, Michale Kors. 

Since then, he has proven his worth more than any brand in less than 39 years; his brand was not just famous in the United States but around the world. His masterpiece of designs not only focuses on clothes, jewelry, eyewear, footwear, and bags but also he has extended in wristwatches. 

All of his creations are made of perfection, and everything is durable and made to be long-lasting. His wristwatches are designed perfectly for women in any class, which you can pair with any fashion statements flawlessly. Here is one of their famous designs of watches that are perfectly crafted for you.

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Michael Kors Model MK5615

It is one of the elegant watches of Michael Kors in the Parker series that is perfectly crafted just for the ladies. The watch has a silver look put together using the premium stainless steel that could make it last for ages, depending on how you take care of it. This elegant looking watch can go smoothly in any formal, semi-formal attire.

The dial of the watch has a silver color with hour markers designed with crystals and two silver looking hands pointing the time. The case of this timepiece is 33 mm in diameter, and they used high-quality crystals to make it scratch proof. This watch also has a water-resistant feature of up to 30 meters. Get this watch at a reasonable price of $214.

Michael Kors Model MK8086

This Michael Kors watch is made for men, which belongs to the Runway series of watches. This design is an oversized watch that can look astonishing with its silver-tone color that would easily attract the people around you. Entirely for fashion purposes, this would go on any occasion or outfit you are wearing, even on business attire. You will still look great.

The dial of this watch features silver-tone color as well as its three subdials. The indexes used are Arabic numerals inspired with silver, and the hands are colored in a mixture of white and silver with a luminous effect. The case of this watch has a diameter size of 44 mm with a round shape.

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The material used to create this beautiful masterpiece is from high-quality stainless steel materials, and it also has a water-resistant feature up to 100 meters. This watch is crafted with perfection by Michael Kors’ professional watchmakers at only $267.

Michael Kors Model MK6110

The MK6110 of Michale Kors is one of the newest released designs under the Parker series. This watch is crafted to perfection to make women like you fabulous. The timepiece has a unique design that can easily be paired with any designer clothing and style, even for business attire it is compatible with.

The dial of this watch has a rose gold-tone together with its three subdials, the indexes of this watch are styled and decorated by crystals, and its hands have a rose gold-tone with a luminous effect. The diameter of this watch measures around 33 mm in shape, and its case is made of stainless steel in rose gold-tone.

The straps of this beautiful watch are made of stainless steel and acetate, and it has a water-resistant feature up to 50 meters. So if you want to run into the rain wearing this watch, you don’t need to worry about anything. You can get this watch in the market for only $221.

Michael Kors Model MK5871

This watch is one of their famous collections of timepieces in the Everest series in which sophistication and elegance are met in one wristwatch for the ladies. This gorgeous and stylish-looking watch is crafted flawlessly to exceed their customer’s expectations when it comes to fashion.

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The dial of the watch has a champagne color, which makes it unique among the other designs. Its indexes are crafted and styled with pink crystals, and the hands of this watch have a gold-tone luminous effect with a luminescence finish. The materials used in creating this watch is from high-quality stainless steel.

The size of the watch is 45 mm, which makes it an oversized watch that can easily be noticed by people around you. It also has a unique water-resistant feature of 100 meters. This watch can be paired with different colors and styles, like business meetings or any occasion. You can own this beautiful masterpiece from the Everest collection for only $257.


The Michael Kors collection of watches are one of the most recognizable brands for women, aside from their stunning designs of bags. The company itself does not limit his collection to clothing, footwear, eyewear, jewelry, a wristwatch for women but also they focused on creating style and fashion for the men market.

Their wristwatches are already tested over time to be long-lasting because they use high-quality materials, through the help of watchmaker professionals to create different artistic and unique styles of watches that can easily exceed the expectations of the user. 

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