AirPods or Galaxy Buds: A Comparison Of Two Earbuds Brand

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Everyone uses earbuds because it’s convenient to use compared to the wired earphones. But before purchasing a phone accessory, you need to consider the quality, connectivity, and compatibility of your Smartphones. Your lifestyle is also one of the considerations when buying this product.

Today, we use earbuds not just for music but also for activities like going to the gym, work, school, etc. It no longer has wires like the earphones and makes it convenient to use. Thus, people can do more movements than wired ones, so most travelers or on-the-go people opt for this design.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Looking for high-quality audio but affordable, Samsung Galaxy Buds will guarantee that. It is said that it will become the king of earbuds with its accuracy and natural sound. And the range of it is at an excellent level that will make you experience a premium listening sound. When you are chatting using a tablet or mobile phone with Galaxy Buds, it lasts about 7hours. 

It is essential to know the difference between Galaxy Buds vs AirPods. Only 15 minutes will take to charge Galaxy Buds, and you will have an extra hour connected to the phone. You can also control the noise around you while using this, and this is called a noise-canceling option. It also has an option to select whatever you want to hear. Galaxy Buds will surely provide you with a balanced and quality sound. 

Apple Airpods 

This is commonly used for Apple Smartphones. Earbuds became mainstream because of the remarkable inventions of Apple. It is still the best buds you can have today. Airpods feature a wireless connection to your devices. The battery life can last up to 5-hours when just listening to sound or music.

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Do not worry if you will be on a low battery because you can already utilize it for three hours with fifteen minutes of fast charging. It also offers HD quality sound and a stable connection. The Apple AirPods promises to deliver an effortless audio connection anytime, anywhere. 

Price Difference Between Galaxy Buds and AirPods

Price is the number one priority when it comes to buying something. And comparing two products with similar specs and design, the price is the buyers most vital thing to look for. The features and quality of the device will also vary in price.

Apple AirPods price is $199 if you buy it together with its new charging case that is wireless, and this is why it gets pricy. But you can have an option if you want it to get cheaper. You will swap a more affordable charging case instead of the wireless. But if you’re thinking of buying a wireless one in the future, its price is $79, and the buds replacement is $69 each.

Galaxy Buds has a magnetic charging case similar to AirPods, and it can also charge wirelessly, but it’s not that pricey. Its price is at $129.99, but identical to the features of Airpods with a wireless charger. Therefore when it comes to comparing the cost of AirPods and Galaxy Buds, the winner will be the cheapest one, the Galaxy Buds.

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Galaxy Buds vs. AirPods: Design Features

We will be comparing the style or design of each earbud and its comfort to users. Airpods offer a minimalistic look for each earbud and almost have the same features as all models. If you wear earbuds for a more extended period, Airpods suit your needs because they are made of lightweight material.

Airpods are more comfortable to wear. It has an open design that will make you able to hear outside noise or your surroundings. White is the only available color for AirPods, including the case, and smaller than Galaxy Buds.

On the other hand, Galaxy buds have a lot of colors to choose from. It has more stylish designs compared to AirPods minimalist look. These earbuds are tighter, and you can no longer hear your surrounding noise. Perfectly fit for those who want to spend time alone and listen to their favorite music.

Galaxy Buds vs. AirPods: Charging and Battery Life

Charging AirPods will take 15 minutes if you put it in the case, and this charging time would make you enjoy watching videos, on the phone, and listening to music for about 3 hours. But the estimated battery life of AirPods is up to 5 hours. This battery life would make you satisfied using it for a day.

Galaxy Buds can be used after charging for 7 hours, making it the winner against AirPods on this part only. The reason why its battery performance is noteworthy is that it can be used for a long time. But after you plug the buds into the case, you will only have an hour of playtime. 

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The reason why the AirPods win in this section is because of its charging feature. That even if you don’t have access to an outlet, it can hold more charge. You should check the guide about charging AirPods if you want to know more ideas.

Galaxy Buds vs. Airpods: Multi-Platform Use

Both of the earbuds can be used on any platform. Your smartphone’s brand will not matter on these earbuds, but some features of AirPods can only be accessed using Apple devices. The function and compatibility are some of the main factors people need to consider before deciding which brand. 

Airpods can be easily connected to any device by using Bluetooth. Apple only features such as Siri, Double Tap, Battery Checking, Ear Detection will not be available if you use different device brands. 

Just like AirPods, Galaxy Buds can be easily accessed if you connect it to Bluetooth. It also has restrictions on its functions when paired with different devices, and you will not be able to enjoy Galaxy Buds features such as Automatic Sync and Ambient Aware Mode.


You will indeed be having a hard time choosing between these two earbuds brands. But it will always depend on the buyer’s choice and needs. Galaxy buds offer a lower price compared to AirPods if you’re working on a budget. But, if you want a minimalist look and undeniably the best features, AirPods will surely meet your expectations.

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