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If you are a person that sells products online then Sales Funnel is a term that you might not be unfamiliar with. Here i will tell you is Is Clickfunnel Worthy? It is a marketing tool that has been used by marketing people for more than a decade. This tool helps people to convert their organic traffic into their potential clients by selling their products to them. In the latest trend, this tool is now gaining popularity among the affiliate marketers who are using sales funnels to boost their own earning and clickfunnels is such software.

There are two types of sales funnel

  1. The Multi-Product Funnel

These are certain funnels where low-priced front-end-product are bought. To increase the profit, there are certain upsells, one-time offers, season sales, limited time offers, and limited quantity warnings. These funnels give you deadlines in the form of offers or limited quantity sales which helps in the selling of multiple products. The buying and selling did at such a fast rate that the consumer doesn’t even have the time to think about the other options. It is a very efficient way to make a good profit in a short period.

  • The Single Product Funnel

This type of funnel revolves around the idea of repetitive exposure to something engraves a memory and pushes the person to pursue the exposed thing. The customer is attracted by a lure of free products and then register them. The next step will be sending them e-mails explaining to them why the product that you are trying to sell is useful for them. repetitive exposure to the same thing ensures that the person retains the product and subconsciously end up finding a use for the product. The chances of them buying the product increase to a greater extent.

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Sales Funnels in Use: Is Clickfunnel Worthy

There might be a lot of instances where you would have been exposed to these funnels. If you end up buying the products because of the lures you received, you know it’s an efficient way to sell your products. There is a slight chance that people might feel that they ended up buying more than they intended to which could cause slight anger and people may lose trust and interest. So, to some people, a single product funnel may be more efficient as people buy with their consent and decision. They would have thought about it, found a use, and then decided to buy the product. Also, another advantage of a single product funnel is that the customer has been offered something for free which interests them and you would gain their interest. 

On the other hand, multi-product funnels make a good amount of profit. There is no wastage of time on a single product and there is no risk if the customer will end up buying or not. Also, in these kinds of sale, the chances of a person to person advertisements come in hand as people tend to tell their friends about sales they like. In these salespeople tend to buy what they like without thinking which promises a good sale of the products and high profits.

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Click Funnel a Marketing tool

Click funnels are the marketing tool that helps entrepreneurs who do not have any coding knowledge, but with the help of using this click funnels, they can create beautiful websites inside the sales funnels. This will help their company to grow online.

Some of the salient features of the click funnels are

  1. It has a very simple drag and drops website builder that can be used by anyone
  2. It has a very effective and simple dashboard
  3. It has a smart shopping cart
  4. It is preloaded with e-mail and social marketing with complete automation.
  5. It helps you to generate new leads by creating simple funnels that will capture the eyes of your visitors.

How the Clickfunnel page editor to work

Clickfunnel has come up with a user-friendly page editor which will bring the power back to the hands of the business owners so that they no longer remain dependent on the designers. To begin the design all you have to do is to just follow the following steps

  • Start by choosing your favorite design from all the available templates and you can also customize them as per your own needs.
  • Customize the page so that it suits according to your brand
  • You can add or delete any number of the element on the page you want
  • We also have developed advanced customization tools that can give your website a perfect look.
  • The last step is to make your page live.
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How Do You Build A Sales Funnel?

Creating an actual sales funnels is not an easy job. However, if you are on WordPress then you must be quite happy as there are various plugins available that will help you to create an individual page. You need to be very organized and must have a track of how pages are related to each other. 

If you are planning to build sales funnels then Clickfunnels can be an efficient way.

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