Global Industry Trends, Research methodology, strategic management, and future opportunities

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Industry trend refers to the development that may leave a long-lasting impact on the industry and those who are the customers of the industry. Industry trends go on changing over time globally. Whether you are related to the fashion industry, food industry, machine industry, sports industry, or any other; you will find developments, changes, threats, and future opportunities. According to Resumecroc in the future, there are many job opportunities in Research methodology for 2021, and demand increases day by day.

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Research methodology to deal with the global industry trends

The latest trends play a vital role in the development of any industry. For instance, in the last decade, fatty and junk food were popular among the public that had settled the trend to eat junk food. Now, the world is again moving toward healthy, hygienic, and vegan food. These trends have affected the hospitality services, tourism, hotel industry, and even businesspersons with stalls and restaurants on a smaller scale. Let us have a look at the basic steps for research methodology for the industry trends

1.Identification of global trends

No one can predict the future. We can only guess what will happen in the near or far future. When you talk about trends; it is related to future developments. For future predictions, reliable expertise and solid facts need to be studied. To guess better and make the most suitable strategy management for your business; it is wise to get as many expert opinions as possible.  

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Analysis of Megatrends

Analysis of Megatrends

Megatrends are referred to as trends that are long term and affect the industries and societies for several years. These developments may range from several years to decades. What effects do these megatrends fall upon the current settings? Settings refer to the specific environment of the society. This analysis of megatrends is necessary to evaluate the impact over customers, users, suppliers, administrators, and downstream and upstream in the industries. By searching the following inquiries you can better analyze these trends:

  • In what way megatrends have affected your industry or organization?
  • How do these trends affect the customers, client’s customers, administrators, etc?
  • What are the recent trends in your industry?
  • What major changes are required in your organization?

Methodology To Identify The Latest trends

Above mentioned questions provide basic information about the topic under study. To find out answers to these inquiries, you need to think creatively by approaching the expertise of analytics and experienced persons. Methods for getting authentic information on trends can be divided into primary and secondary research.

Primary research involves interviews with users, employees, employers, suppliers, and customers. Primary research can also be conducted through arranging workshops and assessing creative approaches and skills in the industry.  

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Secondary research requires recent information like reports on the latest trends that are prevailing. This information can be used as a basis for further research. 

Process: The process of systematic research in industry trends include

  • Data collection
  • Identification of trends
  • Clustering the same trends
  • Assessing the trends concerning your entrepreneurship
  • Getting prepare for the innovative and strategic process

The implication of the trend research in the industry

The conclusion you will draw from the trend research will enable you to take immediate and revolutionary steps for your industry. It will affect the strategic management of your company as well.

Strategic management refers to the management that needs to achieve the goals and objectives set for business. It includes revising the objectives, strategies to achieve the goals of the business, assessing the competitors’ performances, analyzing the current strategies, and working under the light of future opportunities.


Identifying the latest trends and making innovative strategies in relevance to the upcoming developments provide future opportunities to the industries. If you are not updated with the field you are belonged to; it will surely disrupt your business overnight in Cognizantt. Trend research plays a vital role in the innovative management. It will lead you to train your employees, introducing new products and services, and will help you to implement your decisions more authentically in the light of the goals and objectives set by the industry. If your company is not flexible enough to take steps with the upcoming developments globally, you will lose the chance to get future opportunities for success.

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