What Are Some Popular Real Estate Software Solutions?

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Software for real estate agencies is a complex of software components combined in one product that supports all business processes of a real estate agency. The real estate software development can really help in this question.

 The software solutions includes the following components:

· The component is under development.

· Unified database for all relevant databases and segments of the real estate market.

· System for analytical selection of offers to applications and vice versa Maintaining and receiving new clients.

· Management of offers and requests.

· Selection of an individual strategy for the sale of objects.

· Formation and sending of commercial offers to clients.

· Formation of individual contracts according to the rules of the organization.

· Managing and evaluating the effectiveness of personnel in the organization.

· Reliable multi-level system of information data security.

· Site management, including adding objects to it.

· Banking and insurance services for clients.

· Real estate appraisal.

· Formation and maintenance of organization reporting.

· Legal documents and laws on real estate.

 A single database for all relevant databases and segments of the real estate market

This component helps the agent to optimize the search time, as it contains information received online from most real estate databases, information sources and printed publications.

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 The system of analytical selection of offers to applications and vice versa

One of the important components is the system of analytical selection of offers to applications and applications to offers. With the help of one button “Search for a match” you can find all available offers in your home, in an agency or in all database real estate at once for one or several applications online. That will significantly save time for searching.

 Maintaining and gaining new customers

Maintaining and managing customers is a very important component. Among its main functions is to strengthen interaction with customers in different ways. Plus:

ü Dividing all clients into groups.

ü Obtaining accurate and complete information about any client.

ü Transferring the client to another user.

ü Forming and sending commercial offers to the client.

ü Reminders about meetings, calls, views and dates.

ü Sending congratulations to clients on holidays and birthdays.

 Selection of an individual strategy for the sale of objects

The user independently chooses advertising publications for each object, using paid and free print, Internet sources and databases connected to the “Submit ad” component. Then the request is sent for confirmation to the management (“Confirm” / “Reject”). After that, in case of a positive decision, the request is sent to the specified advertising sources.

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Managing and assessing the effectiveness of personnel in the organization

The component management and the creation of a hierarchy of subordination helps to create an organization tree, distribute the rights to use components to all users.

Banking and Insurance Services for Clients

Banking Services – the formation and sending of an application for a mortgage for a specific object with the calculation of payments, conditions and the bank. Insurance services – the ability to order an “Insurance Policy” while receiving a commission.

 The design and visuals of the software have been developed based on modern technologies, taking into account the needs of users, in order to further increase labor productivity.

 Technical support and software updates

 Updating of software development for real estate and all software is performed free of charge and automatically.

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