How to Find Out Someone’s Birthday

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There are those occasions that you should not forget: Your anniversary date and your friend or relative’s birthday. If you do forget, the results can be sour because the person involved might get very mad at you.

Our focus today is on finding someone’s birthday. Everyone shies from asking this question, especially if the person told you before. But since you are human, it does not mean that you cannot forget.

Hence, today, we are going to show you how you can find out the person’s birthday without having to ask them.

Asking is embarrassing

Say, for instance, you are in a relationship. Asking your spouse about their birth date can be so awkward. If it means a lot to them, they might become angry. That is something you would rather avoid. 

Again, asking his or her friends can turn out nasty. If they are loyal friends, they can tell your spouse. 

Therefore, you can solve this problem by using a people search services known as CocoFinder.

Here is everything you need to know about CocoFinder

Primarily, CocoFinder is a people search service that provides details about people. Millions of users love this site because it can give a person’s data without having to ask them.

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Other than the millions of users the website has, major online brands such as Forbes, the 

New York Times, and CNET, typically endorse CocoFinder because of the excellent services it offers.

Using CocoFinder

You do not need so much to use this site. In fact, you can try CocoFinder for free today.

The first thing you do is create an account. Signing up is free and does not need you to pay anything for that. After that, you can access the people search services, and all other functionalities. 

When you go to the people search page, all you need to do is input the name of the individual, the city they live in, and the state. Hit the search button, and everything else should be automatic.

CocoFinder does an automated search on its vast database to see if it can find a match. Once it finds one, it combines a report and sends it to you.

What you will find in the report

Although your primary intention is to find out the person’s birthday, the report provides more information than this. You will be able to know about their history, their contact information, their financial and criminal records, their relatives, age, and any other information you would want to know.

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You can choose to download the report for future reference.

CocoFinder protects you from embarrassments

If you are familiar with using the internet, you will know one thing. Some sites will notify users when you click their profiles. For CocoFinder, this is not the case. Instead, they ensure that they protect your dignity, and so, you can carry out as many searches as you would want.

Nobody will know that you used CocoFinder to remember their birthday.

When you have the person’s number only

Sometimes, we meet people during events and social places like the bar. When you interact with them and find yourself interested, the person will give you their number only.

You can use their phone number to know everything about them. 

CocoFinder has another functionality known as a reverse phone lookup. It is suitable in such a situation. Again, the report will provide a comprehensive background on who the person is, their age, their names, and their contact information.

You can also do a people search if you feel that the information provided is not enough.

Carry out as many searches as you would want

If you are the kind that keeps forgetting people’s birthdays, then you can use CocoFinder to know when their birthdays are. The good thing about this website is that every search and report is free. Hence, you can search for as many birthdays as you would want to know.

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Just ensure, however, that you use those details for the right purposes. 


CocoFinder ensures that you have all the information you need, let alone a person’s birthdays. You can use this method to confirm people’s birthdays, especially if you want to avoid a situation where you send a birthday text on the wrong date.

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