Tips to Choosing The Right Laundry Service During Pandemic

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The pandemic outbreak has altered the average daily routine of the people. Things like going to a commercial laundry shop for your weekly laundry batch to be cleaned might be a bad idea at all. Why? Because your usual commercial laundry shop might not pass the standard due to the implementation of the new normal. Or perhaps, more laundry shops serve you a lot better than your usual laundry shops.

So, a very intriguing question is raised. How do you choose the best laundry service under pandemic standards? There are lots of things needed to be considered. A customer like you must have so many views about it. From economic aspects to safety aspects, it all must coincide. 

Glad to say this article is perfect because it is all about tips on choosing the right laundry service during the pandemic. Read until the end to have a full grasp and insight into what kind of commercial laundry shops adjusted well to this menacing COVID-19.

Laundry Shop with Huge Capacity

It is no brainer that social distancing is part of the new normal. Social distancing is proven and tested to flatten the curve at a significant level. And sad to say, commercial laundry shops with small spaces cannot perform social distancing properly. And if you are looking for best laundry cleaning service Waukesha WI you can check the link. Social distancing is vital because its general goal is to protect viral virus carriers from coming into close contact with one another. That’s why it is way too crucial that a commercial laundry shop must have a considerable capacity.

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To execute it properly while in a commercial laundry shop, just remember that the standard is to stay one meter apart from other customers when standing in a line or 2 seats apart when sitting on the benches. Commercial laundry service providers need to get accustomed to this new normal policy. If your weekly commercial laundry shop has been doing this, then kudos to them!

Laundry Pickup and Delivery is a Must

Laundry pickup and delivery is a laundry service where the commercial laundry shop goes to your home to save them time, money, and effort by not going on a drive to a laundry shop. Due to that, your hectic weekly schedule comes to an end.

This is so far the most convenient a commercial laundry service provider can offer. Imagine, all you need is to drop off your laundry batch, and it will be delivered afterward right at your doorstep! Also, it is the safest one. It prevents you from any sort of direct contact with the people outside.

It is the perfect laundry service for a pandemic. Never do your laundry again, and start availing laundry pickup and delivery now! If you are around New York, appoint a laundry pickup and delivery with Liox Laundry.

Online Presence Helps

Online marketing, whether it is a company website or page, is all about its accessibility.

During COVID-19, Experts studied that more and more people engaged in the social media market. 

Social media marketing benefits both a commercial laundry shop and its customer. For commercial laundry shops, their reach will be much more comprehensive. As for customers, inquiries and availing of services can be via online. You don’t have to fall in line with a crowd just to avail a laundry. Just a screenshot of your online purchase receipt, then you’re good to go. Safe and time efficient!

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Strong and Clear Implementation of its Laundry Services Availing SOP

In a laundry shop, an existing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is merely not enough. Its implementation must be firm and clear. Because if the SOP is vague, customers will non-stop inquiring about the counter, especially for the first-timers.

Moreover, as a laundry business owner, you do not want that to happen, right? It is too risky and unorganized. Sooner or later, customers will notice that, and for sure they will lose their interest in coming back to your store. Ensure that your SOP is clear for everybody and must be followed every hour of every day.

Never Choose The Famous Shops

This might sound weird, but trust me, it’s a pro laundry tip! Many regular customers ravage famous laundry shops. Not to sound anti-social, but crowds are scary. The virus is invisible. That’s why never take your chances on famous laundry shops. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Pricing Must Be Reasonable

This is true to all businesses. Since the pandemic outbreak, many entrepreneurs took advantage of the situation by overpricing their products or services. A big no-no! Pricing transparency is a must. You need to find a commercial laundry shop with reasonable pricing. I am not telling you to be cheap, but instead, choose a shop whose pricing matched the quality of services they offered.

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How do you do choose a commercial laundry shop in terms of pricing? Well, you can start by checking commercial laundry nearby and inspect their facilities, services, and corresponding prices. From there, you can make a personal evaluation of whether that specific laundry shop is worth availing of. Also, you can check websites and pages of commercial laundry shops near you and check their reviews and prices.

Turnaround Time

Commercial laundry shops vary a wide range of turnaround times. But conventional ones boast a two-hour turnaround time, while a dry cleaning service usually asks for two to four days with wash and fold laundry.

“Everyone must try to avoid unnecessary trips outside.” A COVID-19 catchphrase. Almost every person has repeated it across the globe. But if it is for hygiene purposes, such as strolling out to drop off your weekly laundry batch, then it is reasonably acceptable.

Now that you know how to choose the right commercial laundry shop in accordance with COVID-19 standards, time to do your research of nearby laundry shops and choose your clear-cut favorite. Also, always wear a mask and bring all COVID essentials when heading to a laundry shop. Never touch anything outside because coronavirus can live on hard surfaces for up to three days. 

Prevention is better than cure– especially with this deadly disease.

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