Different Job Prospects for Computer Science Graduate

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In India, the IT sector is booming rapidly, and for computer science graduates, there is a good scope in terms of jobs. Many IT companies require computer science graduates who score well in GATE CS and carry high skills. Additionally, candidates with good communication skills do not face issues in getting the job.

Candidates who score well in GATE EC can also earn an excellent opportunity to work in universities, private and public sectors. There are plenty of options to work in the department of IT companies, such as the design, manufacture, and maintenance, etc. You will also be working as a programmer and e-Commerce specialist. Some multinational companies even hire computer science specialists for networking companies and software development companies.

Different Roles, different names with the same destination

Software Developer-

Once you complete a computer engineering or science course, you will be hired as a software developer in any MNC Company. Under this job, activities involve designing, coding, and computer programming.

Hardware Engineers-

These professionals engage in developing hardware items. They are involved in designing, developing, testing, and oversee the installation process. They work on developing computer chips, circuit boards, keyboards, etc.

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System Designer-

Professionals involved in system designing, work on logical and physical designing. Under logical designing, there are different work, which requires the output and input process.

System Analyst-

Computer engineers undertaking this job need to check about the existing problem in the system and bring out the same solution. They also recommended software or hardware for specific issues. They work along with the business development teams.

Database Administrator

Database administrator work involves evaluating the data needed for the user. They involve in developing and improving the data resource to retrieve critical information. Administrators are great in problem-solving skills and correct malfunctions in the database. This job is quite demanding, and one needs to be very accurate in terms of requirements. Computer Network Architect

Computer network architect

The work involves designing, implementing, and maintaining data communication systems. This includes LAN, WAN, and intranets. They are also responsible for evaluating the products of the company. They test every system before it goes live and helps in resolving problems to avoid any technical issues. Network architects need to be very good at analytical skills and evaluate networks.

Web Developer-

Web developers are responsible for working on developing the site using resources. They work on creating the website’s technical structure, helping to maximize the number of page views and visitors. A web developer’s job scope is high, and some IT companies hire professionals with the right package.

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Information Security Analyst

IT analysts create a system to protect information networks and websites against security breaches. The primary responsibility of the security analyst is to research trends and check problems. If you are taking up as a security analyst, you need to be very good with problem-solving skills and work on security systems.

Computer Research Scientists

Computer Research Scientists work on inventing technology helping to solve complex problems in businesses and other areas. They are involved in writing the algorithm used for detecting and analyzing patterns in large datasets. Research scientists are also responsible for creating and controlling robots. The job role of the research scientist is quite complicated.

IT Project Manager

IT project manager is responsible for handling different projects and completing the same. They analyze technical problems for the company and propose a solution to enhance productivity.  IT project managers carry excellent problem-solving skills excelling in this role. The manager has to maintain a good communication skill required to convey technical aspects to the developer.

The pay scale in the jobs, as mentioned above, is good, offering a good career scope. After taking up the GATE CE, an individual who has completed the computer-engineering course can apply to any of the jobs mentioned above that offers promising payscale and the right working environment.

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