VPS vs. Cloud Hosting: Which to Choose For Your Website

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Many website owners grapple with the ever-existing question of which web hosting method will be the best suited for their website? There are many web hosting options available in the market today that range from basic shared hosting to advanced dedicated servers.

Options like VPS hosting and cloud hosting are also available.

It can get tricky to select the ideal solution to match your requirement. Hence, we will discuss mainly two options. You will get in-depth information about VPS in USA and cloud hosting options available. 

There are many cloud hosting service providers in the market that offers various options for VPS hosting and cloud hosting. They provide different hardware and software options. You need to have enough technical knowhow to select an ideal service provider and correct hosting option; failure to do so often results in financial loss.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Personal Server. Here, the website is hosted by a physical server that housed in a data center. The physical server gets partitioned into various small virtual servers. You can buy this small virtual server; it contains separate bandwidth, storage space, and operating system.

You can use your VPS as an independent dedicated server though with low resources compared to a dedicated server. VPS in USA comes with customization options; you can set up VPS as per your liking. VPS offers you a high degree of reconfigurability compared to shared hosting.

You own a dedicated section of the physical server; it gives you great freedom to allocate resources as per your requirement. The main drawback of shared hosting consist of lack of security and unchecked flow of data between websites sharing the same physical server. In VPS in USA, you get to enhanced the level of protection as data can’t travel unchecked to other sites on the same physical server. 

Pros and Cons of VPS Hosting:

VPS is a good option for users who want greater control over their website. You need to have some technical knowledge to customize your virtual server in VPS. Many users outgrow their shared hosting plans; VPS in USA provides them a superior option in terms of overall hardware and software capabilities.

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VPS is not an ideal hosting option for all users. Hence, we will learn about the pros and cons of VPS to make an informed decision. 

Pros of virtual private server (VPS) hosting:

  • Enhanced website performance: If the loading time of your website is high, then it can adversely affect your business opportunity. A slow-loading website can irritate your visitors. The main reason for the slow loading website is mainly a shared hosting plan; here, resources get shared amongst various customers. VPS will enhance website loading speed and overall performance compared to a shared hosting plan. VPS in USA can handle higher traffic on your website. VPS also offers scalability. You can upgrade server resources if the need arises. 
  • Better security against threats: Shared hosting often provides a low amount of protection against various threats like viruses, malware, DDoS attacks. Many VPS service providers offer excellent security against external threats. You have the option to implement encryption protocols. These make your website more secure. You get protected from malicious sites on the same server.
  • Great value for money: VPS costs far less compared to a dedicated server. You will get great value for your money. VPS offers superior resources compared to shared hosting. 
  • Customization options: VPS offers better server access. You can customize VPS. Some service providers help you with customization.

Cons of VPS:

  • Less reliability: VPS is less reliable compared to cloud hosting. VPS can fail if a physical server fails. In cloud hosting, you have your website on several different servers. It makes cloud hosting more reliable. 
  • Less scalable: It’s not possible to scale up VPS like dedicated server hosting or cloud hosting.
  • High cost compared to basic shared hosting: VPS in USA is a cost-effective option compared to dedicated hosting. But the price can be higher than shared hosting. 
  • Subpar performance due to unreliable service provider: Some service providers offer bad service for VPS in USA. They fail to allocate appropriate resources to your website. It can cause slow performance.
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What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting works similar to VPS. The main distinction of cloud hosting is the spread of resources. VPS uses a single physical server. Where, cloud hosting uses different servers.

You get a network of virtual machines in a cloud hosting that use different physical servers. Cloud hosting gives you more resources. It helps to deal with varying traffic demands.

If you want flexibility, then cloud hosting is a way to go. It won’t offer you a high level of customization. It’s difficult to customize virtual machines as they exist on different servers. 

Pros and Cons of Cloud Hosting:

You need to learn about the pros and cons of cloud hosting that will help you to make an informed decision. 

  • Pay as per use: In other hosting options, you have to pay a monthly fixed rate. You have to pay even if you don’t use all the available resources of your plan. Just scale down when surge ends. 
  • Control over server resources: You will get the site management dashboard. It shows how the site is performing. You have complete freedom over your plan.
  • Fail-safe mechanism against single server failure: VPS hosting depends on a single physical server. Failure of the server makes your site go offline. In cloud hosting, you can use other servers immediately. It helps the website to continue operations.
  • Maximum uptime: Cloud hosting uses multiple servers. So even in case of server failure, downtime doesn’t happen. Your site will keep functioning thanks to another server.
  • Quick setup: You can set up your website on cloud hosting in a short time. 
  • Backup of server hardware: Hardware failure of a single server doesn’t affect your website. You can simply use resources from other servers in cloud hosting. 
  • Effective website performance: Cloud hosting will offer you fast speeds. The loading time of your website will decrease; it helps with overall website performance.  
  • Helps with fluctuating traffic: Other hosts won’t offer you value for money in case of varying traffic. You can effortlessly scale up and down as per demand in cloud hosting.
  • Easy management of server: In recent years, cloud hosting offers a dashboard. You can easily use it to manage server resources.
  • Environmental friendly: Cloud hosting uses data centers efficiently. You will only use the server resources that you need. So it helps to lessen the environmental impact.  
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Cloud hosting drawbacks

  • Limited customization: It’s arduous to apply settings over multiple servers. Hence, cloud hosting offers limited customization options. 
  • Need for technical expertise: You will need a proper team to manage cloud hosting to get maximum benefits. It’s most suited for organizations. 

VPS Vs. Cloud: Which One Should I choose:

You can opt for VPS in USA if you have outgrown your current shared hosting platform. You can host your website on VPS quickly. It is more pocket-friendly option if your demand is low. You can easily select VPS options offered by serverwala. 

Serverwala provides the most effective and efficient VPS in USA. You simply need to select an appropriate plan. After payment, your site will be up and running in just a few hours. 

VPS hosting is a powerful tool that offers better performance than shared hosting. If your site has fluctuating traffic or you need to scale up, then VPS is not the best option for you. In VPS, there is always a chance of site downtime. It happens due to the limited resources of a single server.

Cloud hosting is a better option for organizations. Here, you can pay as per your need. Cloud hosting helps to manage varied traffic demands. You can effortlessly scale up. 

You will get a dashboard to manage server resources. It helps organizations to get good value for money. Cloud hosting provides very high uptime. 

Serverwala provides a cost-effective cloud hosting service with different options to suit your demand. You can opt for personal, business, or enterprise plans in cloud hosting. 

We have discussed VPS and cloud hosting in detail & share your business story. You can now easily make an informed decision. Whatever opting you choose, serverwala will provide you excellent cost-effective service. 

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