Why People Have Different Opinions about Hosted VoIP?

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Have you ever met a technophobic person – who has major concerns over technological development? I bet you have because all of us have someone in life who only sees the sad reality of things.

Opinions about Hosted VoIP

For a long time, the idea of Freelancing was ignored for quite a large number of reasons. People believed that Freelancing was not reliable because they thought one day there would not be more contracts, and the freelancers would run out of opportunities. However, this speculation was proved wrong, and many people started working as dedicated freelancers.

For a long time, we were also overlooking the E-Commerce sector due to unexplained reasons. Despite the reservations and reliability issues, we have seen E-Commerce boosting our businesses and helping the ordinary people in general. It has led to locating the product quickly – from your homes!

Similarly, the entrepreneurs who are smart and hold some farsightedness believe in the idea of digital telephony. Half of the businesses – big or small – have replaced the traditional telephone systems with hosted VoIP phone systems.

However, there are still others stuck on the landline phones because of reasons only known to themselves. The technology aims to make everyday life more comfortable. With the invention of mobile phones, people were curious about their reliability too, but the whole of mankind has seen how it has influenced our lives.

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The idea of IP telephony has not been entertained for a long while because of the fact that it required an internet connection to carry out the normal functions.

It meant that if due to some unforeseeable circumstances, your Internet connection faces a downfall – the whole system of communications will collapse. Despite this legit concern, many small businesses took the chance and switched to VoIP phone services, and it was a rare chance that the companies suffered because of it. Now almost 40% of the small business owners have exchanged their phone systems.

VoIP Phone Systems are Empowering Small Businesses.

The main focus of hosted VoIP is to offer all the PBX features to small teams and growing companies so that they may make a mark in the business world. It has led to an increase in competition, and hence, customer satisfaction has become the first priority of businesses. Once upon a time, it was like a dream to get features like conferencing, call waiting and auto-attending etc. The desk phones would ring for hours on end, and yet some of the customers would still be unhappy at the end of the day because of mismanagement of a large number of calls. VoIP has made customer satisfaction the priority in any business and has made sure that the customer queries are answered, and needs are met as earliest as possible.

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Conduct Business Remotely:

Oh, remote working – So do you wear pyjamas to work? No, we do not.

Remote working does not mean that you work haphazardly without any decorum. It only means that you work from your “home-office” and believe me, but it’s essentially the same. Sometimes, in order to carry out multiple tasks at one time, the small business owner – wearing many hats – has to work away from the office as well. Sitting in the Air-Conditioned cabin of your office does not streamline the things and processes. You can take calls from your mobile or laptop or any other device. VoIP allows you to pretend as if you are in the office and the customer on the phone would be too smart to realize that you – in fact – are not! So this way, you can efficiently handle both customers and the other chores in the meantime.

Expand Your Business to Endless Horizons

Amongst all – another convenient VoIP characteristic is that it does not restrict the pace of your success at any point. Since it is a software-based system, you can add or remove features and stuff whenever and wherever you want, without putting extra burden on your pocket. Like say, your business grows – and it will – so now you have a 50 membered team. To accommodate them, you do not have to spend your time and money; instead, you can uplift the software from the backend. There would not be any trouble or complications. Similarly, scaling back to a lesser number of employees would be equally uncomplicated.

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