Timeless Design: Detailed Notes On Achieving a Contemporary Kitchen Style

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Contemporary design is minimalist and sleek by nature, providing your home with a clean and streamlined look. When achieving this type of kitchen style, design professionals usually rely on natural ingredients such as wood and stone, as well as fabricated materials like glass and stainless steel to construct the contemporary style look. 

Here are some factors to consider when designing a contemporary kitchen when you’re planning for a home remodel.

Smart Storage

Most of the time, the problem with kitchens is storage. With a lot of things to store, you’ll quickly run out of storage space and resort to adding more cabinets. Of course, adding more storage solutions such as cabinets or even shelves in your kitchen might make it look and feel tight. 

If you’re in a literal tight spot in your kitchen, it might be wise to browse for small kitchen storage ideas. With these ideas, you’ll learn to incorporate smart storing features such as ottoman stools, hidden cabinets, and other aesthetically pleasing furniture for your kitchen.

Opt for Contemporary Shapes

The key to getting a cozy contemporary kitchen is constructing a foundation of shapes that incorporate contemporary themes. From there on, you can combine the features in the form of material or color which brings warmth to your kitchen. 

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Moreover, delivering a contemporary look requires attention to combinations, balance, as well as the proportion of textures, finishes, and colors which bring the space to life. 

Wall of Crisp Cabinets

A streamlined, clean look is attractive in contemporary kitchens. To accomplish this, design the surfaces to be continuously and nearly seamless. In most kitchens, the flush doors with crisp white cupboards virtually fade into the wall, combining plenty of storage or even the fridge into an unobstructed span.

Furthermore, one perpendicular wall coated with sheets of walnut veneer offers a touch of interest and warmth. Having these factors done will transform your kitchen into a place you will adore every day.

Uncluttered  and Elegant

An uncluttered and open layout is the core of a contemporary kitchen. Other factors that can affect are the open shelves which extend below the upper cabinets to keep daily dishes clean and arranged. 

On the other hand, the kitchen island showcases a functional chopping base blended directly into the honed, smooth marble countertop. Also, the light-reflecting glass tiles should be present to keep all the areas of backsplash balanced and sleek.

Nobility in Flooring

When it comes to kitchen flooring, concrete or concrete-like materials are great for a contemporary design, but various floor types can also work. 

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The secret is not to look rustic like coarse or knotty wood grains or densely vintage or patterned like the Moroccan and Spanish tiles. Further, the pattern in contemporary tiles tends to be nonexistent or a bit subtle. Thus, oversize tile in porcelain and concrete can work, as well as hardwoods.

Bright and Sparkling Environment

Sure, materials play a significant role in setting the style of a contemporary kitchen. Generally, clean and sleek doesn’t have to be dull and tiresome. A variety of elements, all in a contemporary and refreshing color palette will make a kitchen look exciting and attractive. 

Hence, consider a stainless-steel appliances blend and trademark mahogany cabinets with lush-veined granite countertops, a brilliant white-painted kitchen island, and sparkling glass tile surfaces for a kitchen that’s gorgeous and modern.


The kitchen is where the magic happens. It’s the place where you get to cook up delicious food to serve your family and friends. A kitchen is also a place where you can hang out and come up with ideas on what to cook and prepare. Of course, you’ll need more than just food and materials for a perfect kitchen.

A comfortable, bright contemporary theme will surely give your home pleasure and elegance in every kitchen day. The tips mentioned above will surely help you achieve that goal of having a wonderful kitchen to cook up delicious food every day.

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