Top 6 Android Apps for Musicians:

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Sitting at home and wanting to resume your college/school singing hobby or aspiring musicians wanting to fine-tune their skills. Either way a great way to do that for free is with these mostly free apps for musicians.

I have curated this list of top six apps that can help you with your music practice.


Google Play Store Rating – 4.4
Cost – Free to use with In-app purchases

BandLab is the closest substitute to a proper GarageBand alternative when it comes to android. It’s part digital audio workstation (DAW) and part social network. The social network part allows musicians and creators to share their creations with fellow creators.

You can use this app to record your singing with the music. The Auto Pitch feature of the app helps the musicians stay in tune. Users can also connect their instruments to record live. You can also use the tons of beats and loops available on the app to enhance your compositions. Or better yet make your composition the more than 100 downloadable instruments.


Google Play Store Rating – 4.3
Cost – Free With In-app purchases

For creators wanting to learn how to play the latest songs or create backing tracks then this app is for them.

The app can use the music you have on your mobile device breaks it down in several creative ways. BackTrackIt also shows you the key that a song is in and the chords that are played throughout. If you are having trouble mastering a solo or riff you can even slow down those particular sections. 

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Google Play Store Rating – 3.4
Cost – Free /Premium Version Available

You can compose a whole piece of music by just humming it into your phone using this fine app. All you have to do is sing into your phone, then pick from the given genre (including rock, R&B, and classical) and let the app turn your music into a complete composition. After that, you can play with other tools like tweaking the mix and arrangement and record vocals on top. When satisfied save your composition as MP3 on your device.

You can also see the musical notation and chords for your tune by clicking the score button. The app lets add lyrics too. The Pro version even lets you export your creation as a PDF document

Pitched Tuner

Google Play Store Rating – 4.6
Cost – Free With In-app purchases

Keeping the musical instruments tune is a daily job for musicians. A pitched tuner lets you do this with better precision than a manual one. Unlike other tuning apps available on the play store that are designed for specific instruments, Pitch Tuner works with a variety of them including but not limited to strings, brass, and wind.

Pitched Tune is really easy to use all you need to do is to play a note into your phone and the app measures it, accurate to one-hundredth of a semitone. Then you can tweak with the tuning until you get the desired results. There is also a feature in this app called Tuner mode that makes the process of tuning stringed instruments easy.

  • Guitar Chords and Tabs
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Google Play Store Rating – 4.5
Cost – Free With In-app purchases / Pro Version Available for $3.99

Not all of us are musicians but if you want to learn a special song for a special occasion in a short period of time than this is the app for you. Be it a novice player or an expert looking for a quick peek Guitar Chords and Tabs is for everyone. The app will provide you the access to one of the largest databases containing guitar chords for songs you can find online making sure you don’t fall out of options when it comes to playing music.

The app gives you a simple way to understand musical notation for guitars for more than 800,000 creations of music. In addition to that, it also has an interactive chord feature. This feature can show you the correct fingering when you get stuck on a difficult part. The app also has a pro version that has additional features like the auto-scroll function. This function keeps your hands free to play the instrument and keeps your page of tabs moving up the screen as you play.

Additional Tip – Since each song comes with a lot of info it can be difficult to read on a small screen device. The best way is to use Guitar Chords and Tabs on a big-screen phone or tablet.

  • RecForge II
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Google Play Store Rating – 3.9
Cost – Free With In-app purchases

RecForse is the app you should use for recording your music. Along with amazing audio quality, the app also has quite a few advanced features that are useful for musicians.

You can sync it with microphones and hear what your music sounds like as you play. The app comes with basic editing and mixing features like an audio trimmer. You can even create loops, and change the tempo or pitch of your composition. Another thing I like about the app is that it supports a wide range of music file formats. Download Bangla keyboard With Bangla Stickers to make your chats more fun than ever before.

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