How To Use Business Intranet Software For Employee Training:

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Every organization has a different corporate culture, policies, project domains and other requirements. Therefore, it has unique business intranet software requirements. As your employees come from different backgrounds, new joiners may not be familiar with the kind of environment you have. This is the reason why training is important for both existing and new employees. Employee training requires time and resources. 

You can use your business intranet software to train your employees. A good intranet software comes with built-in features and tools for training. First of all, you need to choose the right intranet software solution that can be customized according to your unique requirements. Your employees can utilize the following four features for online training:

Online Forms 

You can use these forms to test knowledge and provide results. 

Online Training Calendar  

This intranet tool allows you to schedule courses for employees.

Document Management 

Proper document management allows them to easily access course and training documents.  

Online Tutorials 

Provide online tutorials to learn how to perform different tasks on the intranet. 

Here is how you can use forms, training calendar, document managem

ent and tutorials for employee training. 

You can have a dedicated channel within your intranet to provide online training. It can be a sub-site. This can be a valuable resource for employees who need training. They can sign up, access tutorials, find links to tests, and perform other training tasks. 

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Set up Training Courses 

Once you have set up a dedicated site, start adding content for employee training. The content should be relevant and very specific. If you are adding video tutorials, make sure that you upload a documented version of the training as well. Also, add a small assignment at the end of each video so that employees can test how well they have retained the concepts. As we know data is really important part for any company. In Case you lose it, its a massive trouble for you. So, make sure you have good data recovery software in case of any mishap.

Add a dedicated online calendar to the dedicated sub-site. Let your employees know when a certain course will be available. After employees fill out a sign-up form, they can access this calendar. When they click a date, the calendar shows a complete list of courses available on that date. Add a brief introduction to each course such as the content of the course and number of hours. Let them register to complete that course. Make sure that they can access courses according to their schedule. For example, let them choose between morning classes, afternoon classes or evening classes. 

You can also add a wishlist that allows them to request courses that are not available. Also, provide them a list of upcoming courses. Add a document with each course to explain how they can use their learning in their day to day tasks.  

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Resources and Testing Options

Also, link to document resources. They should be able to quickly access training related documents. Good business intranet software comes with a document management feature. You can use this feature to create documents within the business intranet software or upload from your device or drive.   

Online forms allow you to create online tests after each course. Employees can test their knowledge after each tutorial. Give them scores at the end of the test.

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New employees may have used different business intranet software in their previous organizations. They also need a short course to figure out how your business intranet software works. They have a lot of questions to ask. Add a document to answer the most common questions. Training is not only for new employees but for existing employees as well. There are new technologies and skills to learn within a domain. Your employees need to gain new skills to work on projects that require new technologies and skills. 

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