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1812 is the year of establishing one of the top financial groups in the world called the name of Citi Group. In the same year, Citi bank offers its financial services to people.

Citi bank is also a monetary firm. It has over 700 branches across the United States and over 2600 branches across the world. Citi Bank has a great potential to offer financial services such as personal loans, mortgages, Citi payment safeguard, credit card, personal credit line, commercial loans online on

Citi bank has several types of accounts for their customers. Each account has its own features and potential clientage that is why customers can choose the best one for their needs. – Who Claim Citi Refund Inquiry?

If you were one of those customers that register the name without their consent in these programs are eligible to refund.

Refunds will be for that Citi customer who is registered in one of those programs such as Payment Safeguard, Balance Protector, Account Care, Watch-Guard Preferred, Credit Protection, Credit Protector, and Job Loss Protection.

Citi Department Store National Bank, N.A will send a letter to those customers who are part of the above-said programs and eligible for a potential refund.

Go to the citirefundiquiry homepage and can ask any question regarding services or refund etc.

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How to Claim Citirefundinquiry? submit a claim

Maybe you are excited after receiving a notification letter for your potential refund from the Citi group. This notification will confirm that you are one of those eligible for citirefund. Here, we tell you that what to do for your claim.

  • After receiving a notification letter from the bank.
  • Make sure that you have any device with an internet connection.
  • Open your browser and go to to submit a potential claim.
  • Click on the “Publish Claim for potential refund” button
  • You need to enter a reference number which will be mentioned on the top of the notification letter that had received already from the bank. Also, enter the required information regarding your account and personal details.
  • Once you have done all, submit your form for a refund claim.

Bank takes several days to process all and access the value amount of your claim. If you apply for a bigger refund then might be adjusted on your credit card.    

Citiredundinquiry Helping Notes

If you are a Citi customer and one of the affected persons, Citibank will notify you regarding your potential refund. You can also claim benefits, for this, you should need to dial the toll-free number written on the back of your credit card.

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If you did not receive yet any notification letter, you can ask whether you are eligible for a refund, for you need to contact the number on the back of your card. Customers that have received multiple notification letters will need to submit a separate claim for every potential refund.

You can claim a complete refund if closed your card over 30 days. The new policy announcement is that it will shift on 60 days rather than 30 days on

Update Information for Potential City Refund Form

Citi customers can call the customer care agent at 1-888-849-1215 and asked anything regarding citirefundiquiry between 8 am to 5 pm. Cardholders can submit a claim in respect of the notification letter and will have to provide the last name and reference number.

You can found the reference number at the top right corner of the notification letter. Once the customer had submitted their claim and want to update their phone number or address, can change at Update Address Form. You should need to check your credit card details because the return will be transfer to your card.

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