SourcingBot is now providing the most robust and conclusive electronic component API service.

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Other companies alongside silicon expert, fully owned by Arrow electronics and , now owned by Altium consumer electronic mammoth. Obviously owning a proprietary CAD software system. Providing similar API data service. None deliver a complete set of structured normalized and easy to read data. 

electronic distributors are confined to their linecard and brands they support. Therefore lack objectivity.

I will try to explain the existing data paradigm existing in the data delivery world of electronics EDI (Electronic data interchange).

While electronic component distributors, such as, Arrow electronics and other semiconductors distributors, collect electronic part data, provide datasheet, parametric technical specifications, price and availability. They are confined to their supply chain linecard. Their expertise in supply chain management is critical and what they excel at.

Same as component part manufacturers, they provide excellent quality downloadable data about their own catalog of parts. They are all unable to compare cross brand parts.

This is the reason several platforms were created that support and provide high quality, aggregated data for pcb manufacturers and IC houses.

SourcingBot API combines all of the goods delivered in multiple platforms at very different business models. All in one spot, with fixed transaction prices.

SourcingBot provides not only normalized scaled parametric search. Alongside price and real time availability. 


But the most innovative aspect is concerning Life cycle status, that involves a combination of dozens of distributors, with risk of sourcing a certain part according to a wide overview of availability. 

On top of that, SourcingBot API includes PDN (Product discontinuation notifications) from over 400 manufacturers.

A complete electronic component specification along with PCN/PDN, lifecycle and cross references. 

SourcingBot started as a research project around cross referencing, building an expert system  unique machine learning based model thats now helping hundreds of sales engineers conduct market research and supplier assessment through at scale part cross references. Focused at the moment on Passives, discrete semiconductors, ICs, Connectors. With soon rolling out of some Optoelectronics, sensors etc.

Our vision is to provide pricing and stock fluctuation and seasonality. Please contact us for more information and implementation questions.

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