Legendary Campaign Tips in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

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In previous years, many experienced players and veterans of the game have repeatedly stated that they are very lacking in challenging content. When you have knowledge and experience, you will want to apply them to achieve new successes, while novice players only dream of it. The players have been trying to get through to the development team all this time, and now it happened. 

If Destiny 2 raids have few complaints from players, then the campaign has always been the game’s vulnerability. Raids were modernized over time, which aroused genuine interest from both beginners and veterans of the game, but many remained dissatisfied with the campaign. 

The new Legendary Campaign introduced is something that many have dreamed of for a long time. If we compare it with the main campaign, then it has become much more difficult. More powerful enemies have appeared, the damage of which has become much stronger.  

In addition, there have been changes regarding the power level cap, which has become another difficulty, especially for beginners, as well as for average players. It’s not just fame or self-satisfaction that are at stake. Now, the completion of the campaign of a difficult level allows all players to receive truly worthwhile rewards. This includes a set of armor, which is level 1520, as well as various exotic gear that each player can choose for themselves. 

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This campaign is designed to be harder than anything we’ve seen before. It can show up much easier than if you were going through the dungeon alone. However, many veterans of the game admit that this is the best change in the history of the video game. 

If you want to do this not only for the sake of getting fame or just to enjoy your skills but to enjoy the process and get a lot of nice and useful bonuses at the end, then we will give you some tips. 


Each player has a choice: to choose the classic difficulty or the legendary one. At the same time, you should not worry that by choosing one option, the second one will close for you. You can at any time of the day or night, choose a different level of difficulty at your discretion. Regardless of the difficulty level, if you complete all the missions, then you can also replay them for fun. 

To get started, all you have to do is visit Throne World, where you can start the campaign by choosing the difficulty level in advance. You will see that you will be advised to start the campaign if you are already level 1360. However, this is not necessary, since you can start at a lower level, but you must remember that each mission will be much more difficult for you. Starting at or below this level, if you can complete everything successfully, you will reach level 1500 at the end. 

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For players who have already reached this level, it makes no sense to go through the Legendary campaign, since you will no longer be able to level up. 

What you get by choosing the Legendary Campaign: 

  • Fixed difficulty; 
  • The appearance of more opponents who will not only have a good defense but will also be more aggressive; 
  • Enemies will have more health, so you will have to work hard to stun them; 
  • Fire pools will spawn in some missions. You need to be especially careful with them, as they can harm you; 
  • Your character will be able to deal increased damage in close combat with opponents. 

Thus, when you start at level 1350, it is advisable to increase it by 10 levels to more confidently begin to complete all missions. If you go through the missions in order, then after the end of each, your level will increase by 10-20 units of strength. 

Regardless of which level you choose, you will receive valuable equipment of a higher level. If you start to actively use this equipment, it will help you improve your level, and it will also be easier for you to complete upcoming missions. 

In this regard, there is a slight difference between the easy and difficult levels of the campaign. By choosing an easy difficulty, the equipment you earn will help your character become more powerful, which is important for attacking enemies. You will be able to see how the damage dealt will increase, as well as the resistance. In the case of a difficult campaign, you will not notice such changes, even though you will earn equipment of a higher level. 

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