The outset of ASMR or pro-audio!

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Have you ever felt your brain melting, in a good way?

The autonomous sensory meridian response is an unusual phenomenon since the start, you say 2010. It is the year the term ASMR short for an autonomous sensory meridian response was coined. That was the time and now, ASMR is the hottest sensation amongst today’s generation. Every social media platform, especially Youtube is a primary source for unlimited ASMR videos. 

The first time this term was coined, Jennifer Allen started a Facebook group that was dedicated only to know more about it. To know deeply how it gained popularity, check this out.

What is an ASMR?

If you are new to this term or the phenomenon, ASMR is a sound or trigger that gives rise to a certain sensation in the brain. These triggers can be variable, depending on the taste of the person listening to it. These sounds initiate distinctive sensations like tingling, relaxation, lower heart rate, calmness, or wellbeing. 

The first-ever ASMR!

Talking about the first ASMR, the one no one know would be of such a science behind. Getting a lot of harsh criticism, the first attempt at ASMR enactment of the stage musical, THE WIDOW JONES, was not as successful as it should have been in the present time. It is because people are more aware of what ASMR is and how it affects the human brain now as compared to when it first emerged on the surface. 

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Here is the link to the first-ever ASMR video. You can go, watch, and decide for yourself; seeing this video a few decades back, what would be your reaction?

Starting from various names like, “attention induced head orgasm”, “attention induced euphoria”, and “attention induced observant euphoria” autonomous sensory meridian response came into existence.

How and Why ASMR gained popularity?

Since 2010, people dedicated themselves to creating content that relaxes the human mind for various reasons such as;

  • The need to release the stress of the long day.
  • Helping people sleep with a calm and relaxing mind.
  • Increase in the unlimited possibilities of triggers that stimulate sensational feeling in the head. 
  • The foremost is satisfying and aesthetic audio and visuals.

Pro-audio; the best aid in ASMR content creation!

If you are looking forward to starting your very own ASMR channel or thinking about upgrading your audio equipment, you need to understand pro-audio. Professional audio, abbreviated as pro audio, refers to as a professional or studio-grade sound recording or any other studio-grade activity with the equipment. This particular audio is designed to listen in a non-commercial environment, different from home-audio or consumer audio.

ASMR gear

Coming to ASMR recordings, pro-audio is what you need to create the most professional and the most high-quality sound. Thanks to advanced technology, we are blessed with the best recording devices that product natural sound in a controlled environment. 

When it comes to recording ASMR sound, a condenser mic is the best way to go as it offers the best features that make any mic the best regardless of the price. 

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Condenser mics are the most efficient for recording ASMR audio as they are equipped with the most vital key features for pro audio recording, such as;

  • Noise-cancellation
  • Sensitivity

Noise cancellation 

Whereas expensive mics are made with the best technology keeping the consumer needs and requirements priority. The cheaper versions of mics do not offer self-noise cancellation as every mic has less or more of their own disturbance. To get clarity and confidence in what you are creating a good, high-end self-noise cancelling mic adds to the benefit. 

Besides mics own sound, there are a lot of sounds in the background that is detected while recording. To make your audio focused on the primary sound, it is important to get a mic that comes with noise-cancellation. 


Talking about recording ASMR sounds, you cannot do without a sensitive mic. The sounds recorded for ASMR needs precision and minute details to be recorded. A mic with higher sensitivity offers the best natural sound. For instance, if you are recording whispering sound, it is impossible to get the right sound with any other mic. A mic that picks up higher and lower frequencies equally is good enough to record ASMR content, no matter at what price it comes in; cheaper or expensive. 

Not to fret over the price as there are a lot of good, high-end yet cheap options available in the market that does not compromise the quality of your sound. 

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Speaking about mic sensitivity and noise cancelling, here are some of the ASMR triggers that need to be recorded in a controlled environment to get the best and the most accurate sound, such as;

  • Whispering
  • Eating food
  • Hair brushing
  • Tapping
  • Writing on paper
  • Cutting and tearing
  • Crisp sound
  • Slow movement sound
  • A soft and calm voice

Save the trouble!

There can never be a moment where you are like, “well, I have got all the equipment that I needed”. There is always a new mic that you must need. Or the next one in the market. Or the one your competitor has. Or the one that claims to be the best amongst all the other available options. To make the best out of your purchase, make sure to look for the features and personal preference instead of the price tag, packaging, or the commercials. A total no go!

To make the best combination of ASMR pro-audio equipment, you need to get yourself a binaural microphone, a camera for recording videos, and good-quality headphones. 

Understanding your personal preference saves you not just the time but also the money and effort you put in finding the right products. To make sure the products you are getting are up to the mark and offer the best output. For that, you need to look into customer reviews and comparisons amongst various options that are available in the market. A trusted source XYZ makes it easier for you to know real-time performance of the product through customer reviews. 
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