How Does QuickBooks Desktop Hosting Help?

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All businesses need some kind of accounting software. Using good accounting software makes it easier for businesses to keep their books and know their financial status more accurately. However, the right choice of accounting software is equally important.
In this regard, QuickBooks is one of the leading accounting solutions in the market. It offers a friendly user interface along with advanced accounting tools. 

While QuickBooks is available in two variants, QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, the QuickBooks Desktop version is more powerful. However, the QuickBooks Online version is more accessible, as all users need is a simple web browser with which they can access the SaaS application.

How to Overcome QuickBooks Desktop Disadvantage?

This disadvantage of QuickBooks Desktop can be overcome with QuickBooks Desktop hosting. Unlike previously when users often experienced difficulties in running the software at its peak performance on local machines, installing QuickBooks Desktop in virtual machines ensures that there is sufficient computing power at all times. With affordable Windows Virtual Desktop pricing, it is not only possible to access the software online from anywhere in the globe, but the cost of operation is also much lower as you can access QuickBooks company files using any physical device with internet access. Users do not have to be present in their offices to access their data. They can log in to the virtual desktop on which QuickBooks Desktop is hosted from home, a branch office, or even while they are traveling.

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How Secure Is Hosted QuickBooks Desktop Data?

In the case of QuickBooks Online, all the security related issues are handled by Intuit. However, with QuickBooks Desktop, you are responsible for the security of the data on the device on which QuickBooks Desktop is installed. If the device malfunctions or there is an attack, it would become very difficult to protect or retrieve your data. However, with a hosted QuickBooks Desktop, the hosting service provider is responsible for the protection of your QuickBooks data. An Intuit authorized QuickBooks hosting provider such as Apps4Rent can host QuickBooks on top tier SSAE 16 certified data centers for securing data. Additionally, hosting service providers take backups and maintain sufficient redundancy to ensure that data can be recovered even if it is corrupted.

Is QuickBooks Desktop Hosting Cost-Effective?

Installing QuickBooks Desktop requires dedicated machines. This is particularly the problem with bigger companies that use QuickBooks Enterprise. When several users are using QuickBooks, data has to be saved on a server. The server needs additional maintenance. By hosting QuickBooks on the cloud, these IT overheads can easily be eliminated. The process of securing and maintaining the infrastructure is outsourced to the hosting service provider. Additionally, as a subscription-based service, the expenditure is far more predictable than installing the software on physical machines.

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QuickBooks Desktop Hosting Assistance

As an Intuit authorized hosting provider, Apps4Rent can host QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Enterprise. They are also Microsoft partners, and can also help with Microsoft cloud solutions such as tenant to tenant migration for Office 365 and Azure.

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