A step-by-step guide to building an on-demand appointment app for patients and doctors

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We all have several memories associated with the hospitals related to the workplace, doctor, and nurses or staff. Although, for patients, it is not comforting. We have all seen the long queues for taking appointments; all this is full of anxiety. Moreover, the current pandemic of coronavirus afraid the people to visit the clinic as well as hospitals because there is a chance to get affected in a crowded place. Because of this situation, most of the peoples are taking self-medication. The latest technology of digital health emerged with the savior who allows doctors as well as patients to get appointed. 

Software developments for a fight with COVID-19

All over governments in the world have adopted & implemented the modern solution software to fight against the virus of COVID-19. There are some software like Aaorgya Setu, COVID Symptom Tracker, etc plays a vital role in preventing out the virus or detecting the symptoms to collect out the data of the virus. In this situation, the question arises that how doctors meet with the person who is not infected by the COVID-19. The solution of this question comes up with the on-demand healthcare app development for doctor’s appointments for patients. This option provides an effective option for medical institutions to visits the office.  

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Different models for revenues for the software associated with doctor booking

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  1. Model-based on commission

This seems to be the simplest model through which a doctor provides their sort of fees to the owner of the app as a commission. This online type booking app provides different exposure & patients to doctors. 

  1. Paid listing

This model of revenue seems to be the boon for the doctors who are not enjoying their success as well as exposure as similar to the successful doctors. They can pay their small amount of fees to get themselves in the features doctors list. the doctor’s features are likely to receive the calls as well as conduct inquires with the patients. 

  1. In-app advertisement

There is one more revenue model for the owners of the app in order to make more money. The charging feed for app advertisements is mainly interested in companies as well as brands of healthcare.

Features that should be present in the demands of an app for the doctor’s appointment

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To ensure with the features of demand for booking as well as a system of appointment of doctors are on notch which has some specific or specialized features. These features can be listed below:

  1. Creation of profile
  2. Searching
  3. Booking appointments
  4. Multiple options for payment
  5. Emergency/SOS
  6. Tracking based on GPS
  7. Conferencing by live videos
  8. Push notifications
  9. Sharing of documents
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Some steps to follow for appropriate application designing of on-demand appointment of doctor

There are some steps that seem to be useful in order to develop the on-demand appointment app for doctors as well as patients which offer an effective solution for booking. There is a requirement to follow all these steps to ensure the successful completion of the development of the patient or doctor appointment app. These steps are listed below:

  1. The main focus on maintaining the appropriate doctor network
  2. Give appropriate advantages to the doctors
  3. Authentication of doctors
  4. Selection of strategy for monetization successfully
  5. Provide discounts to users
  6. Choose an appropriate stack of technology

Steps to develop the application of doctor booking

  1. Concept of app

Initially, there is a requirement to clear the idea of the on-demand application. It means that you have a clear cut idea of the business model through which customer gets attract. This can also be done by conduct audience research. 

  1. Analysis of business

After this note down the concept of the app, you also hire an appropriate team for the business analyst which helps in design the diagrams as well as the wireframes of the scheduling software.

  1. Designing of app

App designing is the next step. In this, there is a requirement to focus on the make designs simple or engaging. For good UX, you have to simply reduce the amount of the step-through which the appointment gets complete.

  1. Development of app
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For app development, there is are a requirement to focus on the understanding sound of Guidelines related to Playstore & AppStore. There is a requirement to hire a developer’s team. The preference is given to the candidates who have the same experience as well as a portfolio for the apps.  

  1. Assurance of quality

After the development of the app, there is a requirement to check out the quality by testing. This test ensures the optimum performance of the on-demand application.

  1. Launching of app

After ensuring performance, there is a requirement to launch the application for a doctor’s appointment. This will start with pre-launch campaigns. Click here to know about taxi app development.

Summing up

A doctor’s appointment medical app is new for the doctors or the patients. Its uses increase continuously as people attracts towards in higher amount like doctors, entrepreneurs, patients, or institutions of medical. Mtoag is a mobile app development company that tried to explain all the aspects of the app designing of a doctor’s appointment. If you still have any type of doubt, feel free to contact us. 

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