How to Get 3% Cash Back- Credit Card

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Regular customers of Walmart that have no credit card or Walmart card, for these customers to avail a chance to apply online for a credit card by visiting

By using the card online, the customer can get a lot of perks offering by Most customer doesn’t know, how to apply online or whether they are eligible to qualify or not. Those customers, who are frequent visitors to the store and shopping at a certain amount per month are eligible to qualify. offering for those customers via an email to a pre-qualified credit card. If you are one of them who received a pre-qualified email from Walmart then you shouldn’t wait anymore.

How to Apply Online

Just go to the website and apply for an online application with all the desire information but remember one thing is that you must apply for it before the deadline date. After filling the application form, you will receive a response on the basis of your credit score history. Normally response will take only a few minutes after your application submitted. 

As we discussed earlier, if you have already received a pre-selected email then you can get a 100% chance to avail a credit card. For this, just need to follow some quick and simple steps.

  • Open any browser and go to
  • Need to sign up form and fill all the required basic information
  • Now entering your acceptance number and your last name on the required field. The acceptance number is 11 digit code which you already received by your pre-qualified email
  • Put your personal contact information
  • Finally, you wait for a message of approval on the behalf of your credit score  
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After the positive response, you can get Walmart Credit Card in the next few days. Now you have authorized to use this card for online services offered by Walmart.

Walmart Two Types of Cards Offer

Generally, Walmart cards offered by those customers who are meet the criteria of company policy.  There are two types of cards offered, Walmart Preferred Customer Credit card and Walmart MasterCard. You can use the preferred card only on the Walmart store for shopping while MasterCard can be used anywhere in the world.

Walmart Preferred Card/PreScreen Benefits

Discount on Gas Filling: Walmart Card holder can enjoy discount of 5 cents off per gallon at the Walmart Gas Stations and Murphy USA Gas Station

No Annual Fee Charges: No annual fee charges for the member of Walmart family.

 Cash Withdrawal facility: Preferred Card holder is eligible to request up to $100 from any Walmart Store.

Protection: Fraud protection is available for every member if any incident happened regarding any fraudulent activity.

Services: Every card holder can enjoy too many online services by using the Walmart Card. Member can pay their bills, online money transfer and also get electronics statement.

Reward: Walmart member can get reward such as save 3% on the online purchase at Walmart Store. If you have Walmart Master Card then you will receive 1% cash back on every purchase from anywhere.

FICO Score: Once any member enroll itself for electronic statement, he can get free FICO score.

Get Bonus on Walmart Credit Card

Every member can get $25 at the approval of a new Walmart Credit Card and must spend $75 qualifying purchase on the same day when the account opened. Purchase must be made at Walmart Store if you applied on the store and if you apply online then you should go for online shopping.

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What is verdict?

The percentage of reward and cashback is not great, but no annual fee is a great advantage. It is attractive for Walmart shoppers or low credit score holders. So, it is not a bad option for customers to improve their credit history by using this card in the right way. Helping Notes

Customer care representatives are available 24/7, WalmartCardOffer/Prescreen’s Phone Number is 1-877-294-7880. You can call and check your application status. Every Cardholder or member can log in to Walmart Credit Card.

Walmart Card Charges or Fees?

If you can’t able to pay within the billing date then you can pay the $38 fee as late payment charges. At the same time, you have the advantage to pay nothing in the name of the annual card fee.

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