Mybalancenow – How to Check Target Gift Card Balance

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Mybalancenow is a website that has been specially designed to assist the target gift card users. It provides you complete information regarding the balance you have in your card, at the convenience of your home.

This provides you with the facility of knowing beforehand that how much balance you have in your card, before you visit target to spend the amount. This gives you the facility to plan beforehand as to how you can spend the amount you have in your card.

This article has been designed to help you with understanding the Mybalancenow and how you can use it to know your target gift card balance, keep reading below for all the required details.


Using mybalancenow – Steps to Check Your Target Gift Card Balance

This website Mybalancenow makes it quite easy to check your target gift card balance at the convenience of your home by following these few simple steps:

  • First, open the mybalancenow official website that is available on the URL, you’ll be directed to their home page.
  • On this page you will be asked to provide a few details using your gift card, these details include
  • The 16 digit target Gift Card number
  • Your gift card’s expiry date
  • CVV number from your gift card, which is mentioned on the back side near signature panel.
  • After you have added in all the required details, press the ‘GO’ button below and you are done.
  • The next page displays all the details of your card including the balance amount you have that you can avail.
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What is Target Gift Card?

Before discussing the Target gift cards, first giving you a brief introduction of  Target Corporation, Target  is the eight largest chain of departmental retail stores in the United States with around 1822 stores overall.The products sold by target include furniture, beauty, electronics, health products, footwear, apparels, jewelry, garden and pet supplies, accessories, pharmacy, etc.

The rapid changes in trends is giving rise to new and new offers and products. The latest are these gift cards which saves you from the tough decision of deciding what to gift your loved ones on their anniversaries, birthdays or weddings etc. The best and easiest thing is to buy them a gift card which they can use as per their own choice and free will.

Target gift cards provide you with this convenience you can buy these cards with different amounts for your loved ones which they can use at any target outlet located all over the united states in order to buy all sorts of accessories including grocery, clothes, shoes, jewelry, health and beauty related products.

The best part about target gift cards is that you can buy them in both physical and electronic form including mobile and email credit cards. In order to get a Physical Target gift card you need to simply visit the nearest target store, buy a gift card and have them add the credit of your choice to it, for you to gift it to your loved ones.

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Another amazing option are the Target e-gift cards which you can buy staying at the convenience of your home with click of just a few buttons and also send them to your loved ones via email or phone. For these e-gift cards you need to login to the official website of target.

There create a gift card adding designs and denominations of your choice and add the balance of your choice to them and you are good to go. These cards take as much as a mere 4 hours to reach your loved ones making them an ideal means of sending gift.

What if you don’t have internet access?

There might be times where you might not have access to a computer or internet which you can use to visit this website and check your balance. For this purpose there is an alternate method that you can use in order to check your cards balance without having to enter all the details online. You can simply call on the below mentioned helpline number in order to check your target gift card balance and also report any stolen or lost Target gift cards:

Call on this number: 1-800-698-4952

Specifications of Mybalancenow Target Gift Cards

  • These gift cards work just like debit cards which you can use in order to buy all sorts of items or accessories from target stores using the balance limit you have in these cards.
  • There are different amounts that can be credited into these gift cards including $25, $50 $100, $200, and $400.
  • These amazing Target gift cards can serve as ideal gift item which you can give to your loved ones to make their special occasions memorable.
  • The best thing is, if you spend more than the amount you have in your gift card at any Target store, you can pay rest of the amount in cash easily.
  • These gift cards can only be used at Target stores.
  • These cards provide you with secure and easy option to buy all sorts of items from Target including grocery, jewelry, clothes, shoes, health and beauty related products.
  • Another feature is that the balance in these cards never expires, even if the card expires, you can still use it until the balance comes to zero.
  • If your card has been lost and stolen, you can easily ask for a replacement without any extra charges.
  • In order to buy a Target gift card you don’t need to provide any personal details or verifications required for other debit or credit cards.
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Rates for different Mybalancenow Target Gift Cards

Users or buyers are required to pay a one-time fee while purchasing these gift cards, the fee is different for different amount cards, after which there is no maintainace or usage fee. Following are the one-time rates you are required to pay for different amount gift cards

  • Fee $ 4 for $25 gift card
  • Fee $5 for $50 gift card
  • Fee $6 for $100 or $200 gift cards.

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