How to Response Merrick Bank doubleyourline Mail Offer

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If you have received the electronic letter for approval of doubleyourline Merrick Bank Secured Visa Credit Card then you have to visit the official website by clicking the link and enter your certificate number of respective application.

In this article, I will explain you the facilities offered by Merrick Bank Credit Cards and the procedure of availing the monetary benefits associated with card and how to process the application. You should have all details regarding card before applying for it.

What should be One Think About Merrick Bank Credit Card?

  1. Firstly, you should consider yourself pre-approved without effecting the financial assessment.
  2. You can make your credit double by depositing the base installment for any event in the start for the first seven months regularly. It will not disturb your record.
  3. You must update the FICO Score every month whenever you make it through credit authority.
  4. Obligation to scam will charge you 0$ because of unapproved charges that are mandatory for online and for mobile account.
  5. No extra charges will be charges to you.

Details regarding Merrick Bank doubleyourline Credit Card

75$ is onetime fee to set up your card.

96$ will be charged as annual fee and after that 8$ will be charged for every month.

If you use any extra card, then you must pay 12$

No cash back is applicable on Gas, Groceries and other items

Rate of purchase Introductory is not applicable

Features of Merrick Bank doubleyourline Visa Credit Card

You can make your credit double by depositing the base installment for any event in the start for the first seven months regularly. It will not disturb your record. For instance, if you are depositing your payment for the first seven months and your credit limit is 500$ that you will get an increment as reward and your credit limit will be double as 1000$. It will make the usage of credit lower and will affect the FICO Score.

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Silent features of Merrick Bank Secured Visa Card

Someone have received the approval of card b electronic mail, then Secured Visa Card is one of the major cards, provided by the Merrick Bank which you can get and avail its monetary benefits. As this secured card is slightly different from the other credit cards so you must deposit some security amount at first.

In start the card line will have the same amount which you have deposited in your account which vary between ($200 to $3000). The per anum fee for this card is $36. Due to its annual fee very less percentage of consumers are availing this card.

Merrick Bank Visa Card

Merrick Bank Visa Card has the same features as doubleyourline card. It facilitates its consumers very less amount of offers and its initial fee is $171 which is in between the setup and annual fee. It is much higher than $36, which is the startup fee for Merrick Bank Secured Visa Card.

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Reviews about Merrick Bank doubleyourline Card

The rating offered by CreditKarma is 3.4/5.0

ConsumerOffer has reviewed 3.3/5.0

Cardratings has rated doubleyourline as 3.0/5.0

It is obviously clear that it has not received any extra ordinary rating from the famous blogs of financial world.

Online Invitation offered by Merrick Bank doubleyourline

To avail the offers and discounts provided by the, the Merrick Bank send the online invitations to its users. Invitation letter has the following information

  • There is no annual fee
  • There will be no initial charges while setting up your account
  • If your card limit has been exceeded, then there is no need to pay extra charges
  • The acceptable card line is $1000
  • If you pay $2000 then you will be able to doubleyourline

How will Merrick Bank trace my address?

According to survey it has been observed that invitation letter is sent to its customers directly via email. While on the other hand, they also buy the list of consumers and invite them individually by sending them invitation letter.

How to reply to Invitation Letter?

  • If you get the invitation letter, then you can respond them in two ways.
  • You can visit the official website
  • You can fill the pre-approved acceptance letter and mail back to them
  • You can also reply to email online by entering the acceptance certificate number, surname and your email address.
  • After providing the information, click on the Apply Now button.
  • In case if you did not receive the offer letter then you can visit the website and fill out the preapproved acceptance form and mail back to Merrick Bank. You can follow the simple steps to fill the form
  • Please visit the official website of Merrick Bank
  • Provide the first name, MI, Last name, DOB, SSN, email and postal address.
  • After entering the information please click the button “See if I match”.
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How to Contact Merrick Bank?

You can contact Merrick Bank for any information regarding credit cards by dialing


You can also write them at their postal address

Merrick Bank Customer Service

P.O.Box 9201 Old Beth page,

NY 11804-9001

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