How to Spy On Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages? Quick and Deep Look

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So, you find your girlfriend busy all the time texting someone else. Well, it can be a sign of unforeseen cheating and betrayal. Getting dumped or cheated just because your girlfriend has found a new love interest in a virtual way is not a new thing. 

Many have been its victims and you can be the next one if you haven’t been vigilant about how your girlfriend uses her phone. It may not seem a concerning matter in the beginning but long hours texting can be sexting. So, you must not have blind faith in your girlfriend. 

Try to unearth the truth and find out what all texts she is sharing. It’s not an impossible task. You can accomplish it effortlessly with the help of a feature-rich and cutting edge text message spy app. In this post, we are going to talk about one such app. 

The text message spy app by Spyic is a remote phone monitoring app that one can use to gain admin-like access on the targeted device from a fair distance. The use of this spy app will help you know all the text message activities that your girlfriend is going to. 

Spyic – Let No Text Make You Have Sleepless Nights 

  • For instance, you can find out the recipient details, the content of the texts, the time of the text sent, etc..

When such information will be by your side, nothing will remain a secret. Because of its flawless information, Spyic has already been trusted by millions of users. At present, it’s functional in 190 countries. Many famed media outlets have also praised it for its assistance. 

There are many other text spy apps available in the market. But, there is hardly anyone that can beat Spyic as it works with rooting/jailbreak. This one ability makes it an exceptional choice to make. When spying is free from rooting/jailbreak, it’s free from risks. 

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Risks like damaging the OS and compromising the security are everyone’s common issues with all the apps that are working on the principle of rooting/jailbreak. 

Also, Spyic doesn’t save data on the server which is a way safer way to spy on someone else’s text messages. This is why it’s a better choice than the rest of the options available in the market. 

For more details on Spyic and how to hack your girlfriends phone to see text messages, read ahead.

Can anyone use Spyic? 

Anyone can get cheated by his girlfriend. So, why can’t anyone spy on the text messages? Well, rooting/jailbreak are not everyone’s cup of tea. But, Spyic is. Spyic offers a very user-friendly solution that anyone can use without any qualms. 

  • Spyic for iOS comes with a browser-based interface that doesn’t involve you in any installation and set-up. It makes text spying a very easy job. You can access this facility using any regular device and browser. 

  • Spyic for Android is also a very easy-to-use tool. Its set-up and installation are very much easy. There is no rocket science behind it. The small app size makes the installation and set-up a very quick job. It will hardly consume 5 minutes.

So, if you’re not a tech-whiz then also you can spy on your girlfriend’s text messages without having any qualms and worries. 

One might send hundreds of texts in a day. And spying on all those texts is a tough task. But, Spyic can still make it possible. It’s because of its impeccable features and facilities. Here is a quick explanation of those:

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Best features of Spyic for Text Message Spying

Spyic has an impressive keylogger to assist you in this job. The role of the keylogger is to record every keystroke made on the targeted device. So, whatever text your girlfriend must be typing using her phone, you’ll be able to stay informed about it. 

Along with keyloggers, it has a dedicated Text Spy feature. This feature will be a detailed report of the text message activities. You can know which text was sent to whom at what time. 

When such detailed information is by your side, your girlfriend will not be able to cheat on you. You will sense it in the infancy stage and become alert. 

How reliable is Spyic? 

Of course, you would like to know this aspect so that when the situation demands, you can confront your girlfriend with the captured data. You’ll be glad to know that Spyic is 100% reliable. It has the ability to record data in real-time.  

The data’s timelines and actual activity’s timelines are the same. To make it confirm, it delivers every entry with a timestamp. The details on the timestamp make things very much clear. It gives you an opportunity to verify the data then and there. 

All these things make us say that Spyic is a trustworthy solution and no one can ever raise an eyebrow on its performance. 

What if my girlfriend finds out about this?


So, this is what bugs you from the beginning. Well, Spyic will not let it happen with you. For this job, it has multiple resources. For one, Spyic for Android comes with stealth mode activation of this mode makes the app’s icon completely vanished away and hidden. 

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Another way via which it backs you is the use of a highly interactive and independent dashboard.

This dashboard can fetch data from miles away. You don’t have to hover around your girlfriend to know what’s happening. It can keep an eye on her even when she is miles away from you.

Its keylogger works perfectly fine. Unlike other run-of-the-mill keyloggers, it doesn’t reduce the performance of the targeted device or make it boil. It works perfectly fine. Your girlfriend will not find anything fishy. 

What are the expenses? 

Spyic is a very cost-effective tool. You can keep tabs on your girlfriend’s phone at every cost-effective price. There are three subscription choices with Spyic. Each subscription has been designed to help you in the best possible manner. 

Its premium package, which is the all-time favourite of many, will charge you only $10 per month per device. Yes, that’s right. Only $ 10 per month is your expense with Spyic. 

At this cost, you can do a lot more than text message spying. You can keep tabs on around 35 phone activities which are great by the way. 

Before wrapping up 

Spyic is the only way to find out what’s on your girlfriend’s mind and phone without letting her know about it. It’s a power-packed phone monitoring tool that never disappoints any. So, start using it today and find out what your girlfriend is texting. 

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