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Everyone wants to get more and more likes on Facebook. Isn’t it? Like section on Facebook has started a war among its users. Everyone wants to get more likes, and once they have, they dream of even higher. Many people start buying likes for their accounts, and now it is in trend. And as we all aware of it, our Facebook freaks take trends insanely.

Besides personal interest, purchasing likes is also in the center of attraction in the business world. It varies how it works for commercial uses. And last but never the least, and you may quite surprise to know that celebrities also need some time to buy likes and followers for maintaining their hype.

But there is a question which always bothers to those who haven’t buy likes yet then buy from  And those too who hesitate while buying is that even this purchasing thing is legal or not? And if you are reading this, then definitely you are also searching for an answer to this question. Read it till the end, and you will find your answers.  


This process varies with its usage. Many use it for personal interest; small business uses it for the boost of the product; well-known companies use it for showing their superiority while celebrities avail this opportunity for their fame. Let’s discuss each purpose one by one.

 Personal Interest
Public profiles fall under this category. Those who use their Facebook as an influencer buys likes, and it’s legitimate. You can buy as many as you want and can use it for your private interest. There is no legal harm to it.

 Small Business
Many people have small businesses on Facebook. Their profile needs a little spark, as it’s not so easy to get many followers. That’s why they boost their account by buying likes. It’s like an investment. And safe. 

It is usually intricate for commercial usage. Because those are doing on a large scale, and Facebook does have its policies. And this kind of business is considered as a scam. The company involves in this issue faces court activities as well as harms its picture in Infront of its purchaser. 

It’s illegal for the celebrities, and they can face a lot of back clash. As a result, they ruin their reputation in the eyes of their fans. You can see much such news in history as well. Many celebrities have done this of buying followers and paid the consequence.

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 For Earning through Facebook
It is different as compared to others. Facebook has strict policies for those who earn through it. And you can’t dodge their rules easily. In fact, before monetizing your page, they go through a complete check of your account. But there many other ways to earn through Facebook rather than using their legit process. 

There is no damage in buying likes for your interest, but complexities increase with the increase of your demand in public. It depends on how you work it.  

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