3 Effective Apps to Hack WhatsApp by Phone Number

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When it comes to texting, WhatsApp has taken over the text scenario. People no longer text each other, they just WhatsApp. The messenger app has become so versatile in its deliverables that now it is being used on a personal and professional level.

By virtue of WhatsApp you can chat, text, flirt, share media, share PDF and engage in a plethora of flirtatious activities all at once. The broadened horizon of this platform makes it very addictive and seeing your loved ones addicted to it makes you want to find out how to hack someone’s WhatsApp.

The application has worldwide usage. From personal chats to groups, the application is also being used by many anti social elements in the world. Therefore, in such circumstances, it becomes imperative to know what your loved ones are doing on WhatsApp all the time.

In such dire need of knowing about the WhatsApp engagements of your loved ones, you need a reliable app as Minspy to see what’s going on. However, there are other applications that give Minspy good competition. See the list below to know the best spy apps:

1. Minspy- Best WhatsApp Spy App

To be honest, a lot of spy websites claim to access someone’s WhatsApp with the least effort. Many gullible people have believed the false claims and free trials and were left with a sour experience. Most of the apps out there on the internet are virus laden and ineffective. 

Instead of trying and testing in a league that’s new for you and ending up wasting a lot of time, money, and frankly patience, you must try Minspy. You can monitor the WhatsApp messages remotely as and when received by someone through this web based application. 

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How does Minspy have an edge over other apps

The other so-called spy apps necessitate their users to jailbreak or root the targeted device. Now, this could be a suicidal task. No one wants you to see their pictures, WhatsApp texts, etc. However noble your intent could be, but you actually put your relationship at stake when you do not use a reliable platform.   

This is where Minspy works in a reliable way on iOS and stock Android mobile devices. The application doesn’t risk spying and individual identity and offers extreme safety and caution in dealing. You can be relieved of being caught. No Minspy user has ever been caught spying. 

Minspy is such a quintessential spy app that it has carved its niche in the spy industry. This makes the web based app an immensely trusted name in the data security and spy industry. For spy app users, there’s nothing more important than safety.

To ensure more security, Minspy has dedicated an entire module to WhatsApp spying because of the extensity of demand for WhatsApp. Data security is always Minspy’s prime concern and this is one ground on which Minspy never negotiates.  

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The application has rightly enabled many world class security measures and stringent data protection rules to create a safe spy environment. Below are some of the path breaking features of this superb app:

No Jailbreak/Rooting Requirement

Minspy does not ask you to root or jailbreak through the target device on which WhatsApp is being used. The device could be an Android phone or an iOS phone, in either of the cases, no jailbreaking requirements are initiated by Minspy.

User Interface

Minspy has a friendly interface. Even first timers feel immensely comfortable with this platform. Even with no insight into the application or spy apps in general, the interface is so simple in Minspy, you practically have to do no hard work. 


When spying on someone’s WhatsApp, you can’t just pick up the cheapest application you find on a random google search. You have to go ahead with a trusted and reliable name. Minspy is such a name that will offer you immaculate reliability. 

Minspy’s reliability is further confirmed with the application’s proven history and proliferating fan base. Users have vouched for the ease of usage of Minspy and believe that the application has the most promising spy set up.  

2.  Spyier

Spyier is another very popular undetectable spy app for Android that can be used for hacking WhatsApp. The application is immensely user-friendly. It also has all leading spy functions that work seamlessly on a stealth mode and protects the interests, data, and privacy of the user. 

The spy app has been around for a long time and has managed to have a good enough fan base. Spyier also acts in a multi-functionally undetectable way. It provides a list of 35 efficient spying features. The functions are unique and perfect.


3. Spyine

Spyine has garnered trust, faith, and a proliferating fan base as it has been around for a long time. This web based app too has easy procedures of installation and provides a necessary insight into a number of activities. The stealth mode to is very trustworthy. 

As an undetectable Spy app, Spyine allows remote monitoring of WhatsApp messages, checking of the browser history, even notes email, and monitoring GPS locations. It has sophisticated and attractive tracking features and still is very easy to put to use.


Having an undetected and remotely functional spy app is a great way to ensure that you can keep a check on your loved one’s WhatsApp conduct without raising any suspicion. While it is a good way to communicate, WhatsApp has also proven to be a platform that spreads rumors, lies and deceptions.

Being aware of the vulnerability of your loved ones, you can find out the best features to hack someone’s WhatsApp through Minspy. You can indulge in secret Android or iOS spying on someone’s WhatsApp exchanges. 

As compared to other undetectable iOS and Android spy apps, you can view more on Minspy. It is hard to compare spy apps with a platform as perfect as Minspy, but the other spy applications happen to be a great competition to this super spy application.

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